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Traffic Surveys on the Highway - External 

Traffic Surveys allow for the collection of information and data regarding the use of the road, traffic congestion, speed counts, traffic counts and any other matters where highway data is required. This information can be useful to assess the impact of potential changes to the highway network for new developments, considering road improvements, or any changes to traffic management for other purposes.  

Pembrokeshire County Council as the Local Highway Authority has the duty to ensure that the highway is not obstructed and is kept safe for all users of road, carriageways, cycleways, footways, pavements and verges. Therefore should any external business wish to carry out such surveys which includes the use of any equipment, apparatus, structures or other matters connected with traffic surveys it is imperative that we are notified/consulted within 14 working days of works being carried out. All details of works including a location plan, the reasons for carrying out works, and what equipment will be used should be sent to our Traffic Department via email to traffic@pembrokeshire.gov.uk whom will review your request on safety grounds.

The Authority has the right to refuse a request for traffic surveys to be conducted on the highway if it is in breach of any legislation, cause a nuisance, a danger, cause an obstruction or interruption to the highway network. Any equipment that has been placed without consent will be removed accordingly. 

Should your request to carry out a survey be on a Trunk Road, the South Wales Trunk Road Agency should be notified separately. 

When submitting your information please include the following details:

  •         Key contact name and contact details (including email and telephone number)
  •         Survey commencement and ending dates, and confirmation of removal date
  •         Road Name and location of survey (including grid reference)
  •         Reason for survey (i.e. to support a planning application)
  •         Proof of Insurance.

Insurance: Those wishing to conduct surveys on the highway must maintain public liability insurance to the value of £10 million in the event of any claims that may arise as a result of the survey and /or any associated equipment, apparatus, structures or others placed in/on or nearby the highway. This Authority accepts no liability for any equipment used in connection with a traffic survey.

Please send all information to: traffic@pembrokeshire.gov.uk 


ID: 10536, revised 01/08/2023