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Proposed New Model for Delivering Day Services

We are proposing that we work together to create a hub and spoke model for delivering Day Opportunities in Pembrokeshire.

A hub and spoke model is a way of working which enables Local Authorities, Local Health Boards, Independent and Voluntary Sector organisations as well as communities, to work together in a way which helps people to access and benefit from a rich range of community-based resources (spokes) which are centred around a hub


A Hub is a venue which provides a single point of access for a range of social care, health and information needs, where services for those with an assessed need are provided, as well as a range of activities supported by the voluntary sector and the local community, for people with both an assessed and non-assessed needs. 


  • These hubs will provide access to specialist care and support and will also empower and enable individuals to become more engaged and connected to community-based opportunities. 

  • These hubs could provide access to specialist support for people who have learning, physical and sensory disabilities or Dementia.  They could house sensory facilities, and complementary health services such as speech and language, and therapies such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy could be accessed all from the same building. 

  • Hubs could be an information centre for people, and people could access information on all aspects of their care and support, financial and benefits advice and support for carers.  Information on opportunities within local communities could also be provided by the hub.  Hubs could be used for drop-in sessions from a wide range of organisations and local services. 

  • Community groups could also make use of the buildings to run activities or events that those who access the hub could join in with.  Access to local communities could also be facilitated from the hub itself.


Linked to the Hubs will be Spokes creating links to thriving community activities and opportunities outside of the hub. These activities will be accessed by both people with assessed needs (with support where required) and non-assessed needs, reducing the requirement for travel whilst ensuring benefit from the rich resources already in our communities. Development of the Spokes will be supported by the Local Authority through Community Connectors working with partners in the community.



Option 1)

Up to 4 hubs shared across all customer groups supported by a number of spokes

Having undertaken analysis of areas of Pembrokeshire where there is the most demand for services to support those with assessed needs, and also taking into account areas which have the best transport links and access, we are proposing up to 4 hubs in the following areas: Pembroke Dock, Tenby, Haverfordwest and Crymych. If these areas are agreed the Council would still need to consider appropriate venues for the hubs, taking into account capacity, access and investment required to make them ‘fit for purpose’. 

Option 2)

2 hubs one located in the North and one in the South of Pembrokeshire supported by a number of spokes

In addition:

  • We will work to create stronger links with Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire to reduce travel requirements for people living in rural North West of the County by supporting and enabling access to cross-county opportunities.

  • There will be a focus on innovative and creative use of Direct Payments for individuals who do not want the Council to commission services on their behalf. People will be encouraged and empowered to make their own choices and arrangements by being supported to try new things, such as pooling Direct Payments with others to create whole new opportunities and co-operatives.

  • There will be close working with Community Connectors and Community Catalysts to ensure ongoing development of opportunities in coastal areas/communities in Pembrokeshire and in other areas where opportunities arise.


You can find out more in our Consultation Document or Easy Read.

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The deadline for responses is Monday 21st October 2019


ID: 5426, revised 09/08/2019