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Newgale Shingle Bank - Business Survey

We are preparing an economic case for a new road scheme at Newgale so as to be ready when the existing road is lost in 10 -20 years’ time. Whilst this may seem a long time in the future, it can take many years to get a new road constructed and it would be too late to start when the damage is done.

We are trying to identify any business use of the road through Newgale and see how it is affected when the road is closed. So we are asking businesses as far away as Haverfordwest to respond as they may have customers or suppliers from the St. David’s area or make deliveries out there. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.

Newgale Shingle Bank Business Survey

The closing date for responses is Friday 16th March 2018

ID: 3116, revised 19/03/2018