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Local Development Plan 2 Deposit Plan

Pembrokeshire County Council is preparing a replacement Local Development Plan.  It has produced a full draft of this Plan known as the Deposit Plan.  This covers the area of Pembrokeshire excluding the National Park.

A consultation on the Deposit Plan is being held between 15th January and 18th March 2020, which will provide an opportunity for members of the public to support or object to the plan.

The consultation will include a series of drop-in sessions around the County where officers will be available to discuss the Deposit Plan’s proposals.

The Deposit Plan identifies a need for 6,800 new homes between 2017 and 2033 (425 a year) including 2,000 affordable homes.  This growth will be distributed across the Plan area in accordance with a whole County (Spatial) strategy, which promotes sustainable development and includes a Hierarchy, which classifies towns and villages according to the levels of services and facilities located within them. 

Residents in Pembrokeshire are advised to look at the Deposit Plan text and maps to view proposals in their area.  The Deposit Plan proposes revised town and village boundaries (known as settlement boundaries) and a range of sites are allocated (identified) for different land uses, including 70 sites for housing. 

The replacement Local Development Plan will provide opportunities for growth across the Plan area in rural as well as urban settlements.  This should enable the growth of rural Welsh speaking communities. 

For the first time Pembrokeshire’s Deposit Plan proposes the introduction of Space standards to support well-being objectives and provide sufficient space for recycling.  On large housing sites, 10% of homes will need to be built to Lifetime Homes standards to ensure we have sufficient numbers of adaptable homes to meet the needs of an ageing population.   In addition to this, four specific sites are allocated for Specialist and Supported Accommodation for the elderly. 

The Deposit Plan identifies a range of industrial sites (known as Strategic Employment Sites) presenting opportunities linked to existing businesses, as well as opportunities for new large scale investment. Local Employment Sites are also identified, to support local employment growth. Two specific quarry sites are identified for new Minerals workings.

The Deposit Plan seeks to respond to the challenges of Climate Change by including policies and designations to protect sites and species that are of importance for their biodiversity and nature conservation interest, open spaces and Green Wedges. New growth is directed to sustainable locations. Proposals for vulnerable uses are directed away from flood risk areas and new development will be limited in areas at risk because of climate change. All new dwellings will be built to high quality, energy efficient designs and will incorporate charging points for Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles. The new plan allocates three sites for Solar Photovoltaic arrays. 

The Deposit LDP 2 and related documents are available to view here

Hard copies are also available at County Hall, Haverfordwest, in Pembrokeshire County Council Customer Service Centres and in local Libraries, during normal opening hours. 

If you wish to have your say on the Deposit Plan you can do so using the Representations Form available online at the above website address, or in paper format from County Hall, Haverfordwest. This form should be used for making comments wherever possible. 

Please email your representation forms to or post to The Development Plans Team, County Hall, Freeman’s Way, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA61 1TP by 4.30pm on 18th March 2020.

The drop-in sessions will take place at the following locations:

  • Crymych Leisure Centre, 1500-1800, 10th February 2020;

  • Pembroke Dock Town Hall, 28 Dimond Street, Pembroke Dock, 1500-1800, 11th February;

  • Milford Haven Leisure Centre, 1500-1800, 12th February 2020;

  • Fishguard Leisure Centre, 1500-1800, 13th February 2020;

  • Pembroke Town Hall, 1500-1800, 24th February 2020;

  • Pembrokeshire Archives, Prendergast, Haverfordwest, 1500-1800, 26th February 2020; and

  • Kilgetty Community Centre, 1500-1800, 27th February 2020.



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