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LDP2 Pre-Deposit Consultation (Planning and Development Plan for Pembrokeshire)

A consultation has been launched on a policy which will shape planning and development in Pembrokeshire for the next 15 years. 

Pembrokeshire County Council is consulting on the ‘Preferred Strategy’ for its replacement Local Development Plan.

The Local Development Plan sets out the policies and proposals for development or protection of land outside of the National Park.

The Preferred Strategy is one of the first stages in replacing the existing Local Development Plan and sets out the strategic policies and proposals which will provide a framework for more detailed policies. 

It sets out how much growth is needed up to 2033 and which levels of the settlement hierarchy will be expected to accommodate growth.

Phil Baker, Cabinet Member for Planning and Infrastructure said: “Members and stakeholders have already looked at a full range of options for the future of Pembrokeshire.

“The Preferred Strategy is the option we think will work best for the sustainable future for our communities and their well-being, whilst safeguarding the environment.

“It seeks to support the creation of 2,200 new jobs and 6,800 new homes by 2033.”

The Authority is also publishing a Register of Candidate Sites and asking for views on them. Additional Candidate Sites can also be submitted. 

Sara Morris, Development Plans and Conservation Manager said: “Earlier this year, we asked people to submit land for consideration within the replacement Local Development Plan.

“The land could be suggested for development or for protection from development.

“We received suggestions for just over 450 sites. Although we have assessed these sites only in terms of how well they fit with the broad approach of the spatial strategy at this stage, this consultation gives people an opportunity to tell us whether the sites fit with the strategy or not, what they think about the Preferred Strategy, and to suggest additional sites.”

The Council has also published its Review Report, which sets out what needs to change in the current Local Development Plan - and why.

It has also published the Initial Sustainability Appraisal incorporating the Strategic Environmental Assessment. The Habitats Regulations Appraisal and Equalities Impact Assessment are also published. These are all available for comment.

Further information about the consultation can be found on the Council’s Local Development Plan Review (LDP2) webpage at https://www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/local-development-plan-review

The webpage also has details on how to comment on the published documents, and where you can find paper copies.

You can contact the Local Development Plans team on 01437 764551 or byemailing ldp@pembrokeshire.gov.uk

Comments on any of the consultation documents must be received by 4.30 pm on Monday the 4th February 2019









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