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After Consultation

What happens once a consultation has closed?

Once a consultation closes, all the responses are collated and a consultation report is put together.

This information then goes to the Head of Service, or manager, who has put forward the proposal(s) for consultation. The Head of Service, or manager, will use the information to produce a final report for those who have responsibility for making a decision on the proposal(s).

Often this will be the Council's Cabinet, although sometimes it will be full Council or, in some cases, authority to make decisions can be delegated to a particular Director.

Papers of meetings at which decisions are made are available in the Meetings agendas minutes section of our website

Integrated and Equality Impact Assessments

As part of the consultation process, we will produce a draft Integrated Impact Assessment.

We use the information that we gather during consultations to help us produce a final Integrated Impact Assessment.

The impact assessement must be taken into account by the decision maker(s).

ID: 623, revised 18/08/2017