The Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant

The Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant, using funds raised via the Second Homes Tax is available to provide funding for new projects that help address the negative impact of second homes and in doing so adds value to our communities.

 Outcomes are structured around five Well-being objectives:

  • Raising overall standards of achievement
  • Healthy communities: Communities supported by affordable and appropriate housing; improving social care
  • Increase the economy's productivity and address regeneration issues
  • Safeguarding our environment
  • Self-sustained and vibrant communities


 Application deadlines


Application and Paper Work Deadline            Panel     
7th May 2019 21st June 2019
6th August 2019 20th September 2019
5th November 2019 13th December 2019
27th January 2020 28th February 2020


How to apply for a grant

Contact the Regeneration Team on 01437 775536 or via   to register your project and apply for an Expression of Interest form.

The grant criteria is available here. Grant Criteria This explains the application process and criteria in more detail.

The Regeneration Team can support applicants develop projects and bring applications together.

Fair Processing Notice  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Funding Criteria 2019-20 

Appendices 2019-20





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