Food Hygiene Ratings

When my business is rated, what will I receive?

When a rating is awarded the food business must be given:

  • written notification of their rating;
  • a written statement of the reasons for the rating, including where the business has not achieved a 5, details of the action necessary for the business to undertake before a 5 can be awarded;
  • an adequate number of rating stickers so that the business can display their rating at all entrances which the public may use to enter the premises; and,
  • details on rights of appeal, requesting a re-score, the right to reply (including the cost), and when and how the rating will be published. Much of this information is included in the FSA leaflet "Good hygiene is getting easier to spot in Wales" which will be given out with rating reports.
ID: 1595, revised 12/10/2022