Food Hygiene Ratings

What happens of the food business fails to comply with any of the requirements under the scheme?

If a business that has a rating under the statutory scheme and they:

  • fail to display a valid food hygiene rating sticker;
  • display an invalid food hygiene rating sticker;
  • fail to retain a valid food hygiene rating sticker;
  • part with possession of a food hygiene rating to a person other than an authorised food safety officer;
  • deny a request from a person to advised of the premises' food hygiene rating verbally;
  • provide misleading information about the premises' food hygiene rating when requested to provide the rating verbally;
  • defaces, alters or tampers with a food hygiene rating sticker,

 they will be committing an offence under the legislation.

Persons who commit offences under the legislation may be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice issued by authorised officers of the local authority.

Fixed penalty notices give the person the opportunity to pay a penalty of £200 within 28 days (reduced to £150 if paid within 14 days of issue).

Persons who have committed offences under the legislation, or obstruct an authorised officer may be prosecuted.

ID: 1600, revised 12/10/2022