Food Hygiene Ratings

Are all food businesses covered by the law requiring the display of food hygiene ratings?

There are certain categories of food businesses that provide food to the final consumer that are not included in the scheme and hence will not get a food hygiene rating.

The categories of food businesses that are exempt from the scheme are;

  • Premises where the sale of food is not the primary activity of the business and which handle only low risk foods (i,e, those that are shelf stable at ambient temperatures, are wrapped or packaged before entering the business, and remain wrapped at all times until it is supplied to consumers) such as:
    • visitor centres and similar establishments selling tins of biscuits or other wrapped goods amongst a range of other goods;
    • leisure centres with only food vending machines selling only drinks or low-risk foods;
    • newsagents selling pre-packed confectionery; and
    • chemist shops selling pre-packed confectionery and/or health foods.
  • Certain domestic premises which are used as a private dwelling and also for caring services such as childminders or placements for adult care. Although the rating scheme does not apply to these businesses, they are still required to comply with food safety legislation. Home caterers are however included in the scheme.
ID: 1594, revised 12/10/2022