Flying Start

Eligible postcodes

Merlin's Bridge

Milford Haven

Pembroke Dock

Merlins Bridge  

FernHill Road SA61 1LE
Ferry Way SA61 1LZ
Freemans View SA61 1LG
Glenn View SA61 1XD
Glenn View SA61 1XB
Haroldston Close SA61 1LP
Haylett Lane SA61 1JP
Haylett Lane SA61 1HN
Haylett Lane SA61 1AD
Haylett Lane SA61 1XJ
Heol Derwen SA61 1LJ
Jenkins Close SA61 1LH
Magdalene Street SA61 1JJ
Merlins Avenue SA61 1JS
Pembroke Road SA61 1LY
Pembroke Road SA61 1LN
Pembroke Road SA61 1JW
Pembroke Road SA61 1LA
Pembroke Road SA61 1JT
Pembroke Road SA61 1JL
Rose Avenue SA61 1NW
St Isselles Avenue SA61 1JU
St Isselles Avenue SA61 1JX
St Marks Close SA61 1NN
St Thomas's Avenue SA61 1ND
St Thomas's Avenue SA61 1LA
Tudor Gardens SA61 1LB
Tudor Gardens SA61 1LQ
Tudor Gardens SA61 1LQ
Tudor gardens SA61 1LQ
Under the Hills SA61 1XQ
Venns Close SA61 1NA
Walter Avenue SA61 1LL
Woodlands Park SA61 1LR

Milford Haven

SA73 1BG 1 to 26 Ash Grove
SA73 1BN 1 to 20 Birch Mead
SA73 1BB 1 to 67 Cherry Tree Close
SA73 1BP 1 to 52 Chestnut Way
SA73 1DE 1 to 47 (14 properties on street) Coombs Road
SA73 3HD 1 to 11 Croft Avenue
SA73 3HE 12 to 28 Croft Avenue
SA73 3HF 29 to 49 Croft Avenue
SA73 3HF 51 to 71 Odd Croft Avenue
SA73 1BQ 1 to 46 Elm Lane
SA73 3RB 1 to 19 Odd Gelliswick Road
SA73 3RD 21- 27 Odd Gelliswick Road
SA73 3RD 33 Gelliswick Road
SA73 3RH 2 - 44 Even Gelliswick Road
SA73 3RQ 46 - 92 Even Gelliswick Road
SA73 3PH 135 - 161 Odd Glebelands
SA73 3QU 62 to 85 Glebelands
SA73 3QX 21 to 61 Glebelands
SA73 3QY 1 to 20 Glebelands
SA73 3QZ 86 to 100 Glebelands
SA73 3QZ 101 to 133 Odds Glebelands
SA73 3HH 1 to 32 Haven Drive
SA73 3HH 34 to 40 Even Haven Drive
SA73 3HJ 82 to 112 Even Haven Drive
SA73 3HL 114 to 140 Even Haven Drive
SA73 3HN 142 to 202 Even Haven Drive
SA73 3HP 79 to 147 Odd Haven Drive
SA73 3HR 149 to 227 Odd Haven Drive
SA73 3HW 33 to 39 Odd Haven Drive
SA73 3HW 41 to 78 Haven Drive
SA73 3HW 80 Haven Drive
SA73 1BW 1 to 36 Hawthorn Path
SA73 2EH 1 to 41 Howarth Close
SA73 2EJ 71 to 81 Howarth Close
SA73 2EJ 42 to 55 Howarth Close
SA73 2EJ 70 Howarth Close
SA73 2EL 82 to 131 Howarth Close
SA73 3HS 10 to 40 Even John Lewis Street
SA73 3HT 1 to 9 John Lewis Street
SA73 3HU 11 to 89 Odd John Lewis Street
SA73 1BX 41 to 62 Larch Road 
SA73 1BY 1 to 40 Larch Road 
SA73 1BY 27 Larch Road
SA73 1DF 1 to 15 Lilac Close
SA73 3LP 1 to 8 Lower Hill Street
SA73 3LR 14 to 32 Lower Hill Street

SA73 2PD 1 to 35 Marble Hall Road

SA73 2PE 37 - 53 Odds Marble Hall Road
SA73 2PN 90 Marble Hall Road
SA73 2PN 56 to 182 Even Marble Hall Road
SA73 2PN 26 Marble Hall Road
SA73 2PN 28 Marble Hall Road
SA73 2PW 192 to 200 Even Marble Hall Road
SA73 2PW 145 to 171 Odd Marble Hall Road
SA73 2PF 29 to 43 Odd Meyler Crescent
SA73 2PF 46 to 88 Even Meyler Crescent
SA73 2PH 1 to 28 Meyler Crescent
SA73 2PH 30 to 44 Even Meyler Crescent
SA73 1BU 1 to 18 Oaklands
SA73 2PG 1 to 61 Odd Richard John Road
SA73 2PL 4 to 30 Even Richard John Road
SA73 2PQ 32 to 56 Even Richard John Road
SA73 2PQ 63 to 87 Odd Richard John Road
SA73 3BR 1 to 27 St Davids Close

SA73 1BT 1 to 24 Sycamore Close 
SA73 3LU 1 to 40 Upper Hill Street
SA73 1BS 1 to 25 Willow End
SA73 3HG 30 - 46 Even Woodbine Way
SA73 3HG 47 to 69 Woodbine Way
SA73 3HG 71 to 81 Odd Woodbine Way 
SA73 3HQ 1 to 29 Woodbine Way
SA73 3HQ 31 to 45 Odd Woodbine Way
SA73 1BZ 1 to 18 Woodland Crescent
SA73 1BE 1 to 15 Odd Woodland Drive
SA73 1EZ 1 to 7 Maple Close
SA73 1BS 29 to 39 Willow End
SA73 2PJ 1 & 3 Cromwell Heights
SA73 2PS 2 - 20 Even Cromwell Heights

SA73 3EU Observatory Avenue
SA73 3EX Observatory Avenue 
SA73 3NA St Lawrence Avenue
SA73 3NB St Lawrence Avenue
SA73 3RA Rectory Avenue
SA73 3LX Upper Hill Street
SA73 3BS Wellington Road
SA73 2BN Precelly Place
SA73 2BL Precelly Place
SA73 2BW Precelly Place
SA73 2AP Dartmouth Gardens
SA73 2AH Dartmouth Street
SA73 2QL Milton Crescent
SA73 2QP Milton Crescent
SA73 2QR Milton Crescent
SA73 2QS Milton Crescent
SA73 2QH Vicary Crescent
SA73 2QE Vicary Crescent
SA73 2LT Greville Road
SA73 2NB Vaynor Road
SA73 2NY Coombes Drive 
SA73 2NT Coombes Drive
SA73 2NU Coombes Drive
SA73 2NZ Coombes Drive
SA73 2BP Hilton Avenue
SA73 2PA Hilton Avenue
SA73 2BP Hilton Avenue
SA73 1BE Woodland Drive
SA73 3DX Waterloo Square
SA73 2LS Brooke Avenue
SA73 2LR Brooke Avenue

Pembroke Dock

Albany Street SA72 6QJ
Albion Square SA72 6XE
Albion Square SA72 6XF
Amphion Court SA72 6LR
Apley Terrace SA72 6HJ
Argyle Street SA72 6HL
Arthur Morris Drive SA72 6QX
Arthur Street SA72 6EN
Bellevue Terrace SA72 6NL
Bellevue Terrace SA72 6NN
Bentlass Terrace SA72 6RL
Bethel Road SA72 6LP
Brewery Street SA72 6JS
Britannia Drive SA72 6QF
Britannia Road SA72 6QE
Bufferland Terrace SA72 6QR
Bush Street SA72 6AN
Bush Street SA72 6AS
Bush Street SA72 6AU
Bush Street SA72 6AW
Bush Street SA72 6AX
Bush Street SA72 6DE
Bush Street SA72 6DH
Bush Street SA72 6HG
Bush Street SA72 6HQ
Bush Street SA72 6LE
Bush Street SA72 6LF
Bush Street SA72 6LN
Bush Street SA72 6LW
Bush Street SA72 6NA
Bush Street SA72 6NG
Bush Street SA72 6XB
Bush Street SA72 6XD
Carr Terrace SA72 6RJ
Castle Street SA72 6RH
Catalina Avenue SA72 6YB

Charles Thomas Avenue 2- 24 even SA72 6UR
Charlton Place SA72 6AY
Cheriton Road SA72 6RN
Church Street SA72 6AR
Clarence Street SA72 6JP
Commerical Row SA72 6JN
Commerical Row SA72 6JU
Co-op Lane SA72 6XL
Cromwell Street SA72 6HP
Cross Park SA72 6SN
Cross Park SA72 6SW
Cumby Terrace SA72 6XX
Cumby Terrace SA72 6YA
Cumby Terrace SA72 6YD
Dimond Street SA72 6AG
Dimond Street SA72 6AH
Dimond Street SA72 6BT
Dimond Street SA72 6DD
Dimond Street SA72 6JA
DImond Street East SA72 6HA
Elizabeth Court SA72 6PW
Fairways SA72 6NU
Ferry Road SA72 6RD
Ferry Road SA72 6RR
Ferry Road SA72 6RT
Finch Close SA72 6QQ
Front Street SA72 6JX
Front Street SA72 6JY
Front Street SA72 6JZ
Furzy Bank SA72 6QH
Gays Lane SA72 6RQ
Gilgal Terrace SA72 6RS
Gordon Street SA72 6DA
Greenhill Road SA72 6RP
Grove Street SA72 6RE
Gwyther Street SA72 6HB
Gwyther Street SA72 6HD

Gwyther Street SA72 6HE
Gwyther Street SA72 6HF
Gwyther Street SA72 6HH
Hamilton Close SA72 6RW
Hamilton Court SA72 6LT
Harbour Way SA72 6DB
Hawkstone Road SA72 6HN
Hawkstone Road SA72 6HW
High Street SA72 6PA
High Street SA72 6PB
High Street SA72 6PE
High Street Close SA72 6PF
Hill Farm Park SA72 6QD
Hill Farm Park SA72 6QZ
Hill Street SA72 6QP
Imble Close SA72 6PJ
Imble Lane SA72 6PL
Imble  Street SA72 6QL
Kavanagh Court SA72 6LY
Kavanagh Court SA72 6LZ
King Street SA72 6JT
King William Court SA72 6DP
King William Street SA72 6DR
Kings Gardens SA72 6SR
Kitchener Close SA72 6NR
Lavinia Drive SA72 6QY
Laws Street SA72 6DG
Laws Street SA72 6DJ
Laws Street SA72 6DL
Laws Street SA72 6DQ
Lewis Street SA72 6DD
Links Drive SA72 6SZ
Llanion Cottages SA72 6UG
Llanion Cottages SA72 6UQ
London Road SA72 6DS
London Road SA72 6DT
London Road SA72 6DU
London Road SA72 6TX

Market Street SA72 6XP
Melville Street SA72 6XS
Melville Terrace SA72 6YG
Meyrick Street SA72 6AL
Meyrick Street SA72 6AS
Meyrick Street SA72 6AT
Meyrick Street SA72 6DX
Meyrick Street SA72 6JD
Meyrick Street SA72 6UT
Meyrick Street SA72 6UU
Military Road SA72 6SE
Military Road SA72 6SF
Military Road SA72 6SG
Military Road SA72 6SH
Military Road SA72 6SQ
Milton Terrace SA72 6BE
Milton Terrace SA72 6BJ
Munro Court SA72 6ND
Nelson Street SA72 6RU
North Street SA72 6QS
North Street SA72 6QT
North Street SA72 6QU
Oak Road SA72 6SP
Owen Street SA72 6SJ
Owen Street SA72 6SL
Park Lane SA72 6JQ
Park Street SA72 6BL
Park Street SA72 6JG
Park Street SA72 6JW
Park View Crescent SA72 6BH
Pembroke Road SA72 6PG
Pembroke Road SA72 6PH
Pembroke Road SA72 6PQ
Pembroke Street SA72 6XH
Pennar Court SA72 6NW
Philips Lane SA72 6ST
Picton Place SA72 6BQ
Presely View SA72 6NP

Presely View SA72 6NS
Presely View SA72 6NT
Princes Street SA72 6XT
Prospect Place SA72 6BA
Prospect Place SA72 6BB
Prospect Place SA72 6BD
Queen Street SA72 6JE
Queen Street SA72 6JF
Queen Street SA72 6JH
Queen Street SA72 6JJ
Queen Street SA72 6JL
Ridge View Close SA72 6RB
River View SA72 6AQ
School Gardens SA72 6SS
St Andrews Road SA72 6HT
St Johns Road SA72 6HS
St Marys Road SA72 6HU
St Patricks Road SA72 6LL
St Peters Road SA72 6LG
St Teilos Road SA72 6LH
St Teilos Road SA72 6LJ
Stranraer Avenue SA72 6SD
Stranraer Lane SA72 6SA
Stranraer Road SA72 6RX
Stranraer Road SA72 6RY
Stranraer Road SA72 6RZ
Stranraer Road SA72 6SB
Sycamore Street SA72 6QN
Sycamore Woods SA72 6QW
The Terrace SA72 6YH
Tremeyrick Street SA72 6DX
Treowen Road SA72 6NX
Treowen Road SA72 6NY
Treowen Road SA72 6NZ
Treowen Road SA72 6PP
Trinity Road SA72 6HR
Victoria Road SA72 6XJ

Victoria Road SA72 6XN
Victoria Road SA72 6XU
Victoria Road SA72 6XX
Water Street SA72 6DN
Wwater Street SA72 6DN
Water Street SA72 6DW
Wavell Crescent SA72 6LS
Wavell Crescent SA72 6LU
Wavell Crescent SA72 6LX
Wavell Crescent SA72 6NB
Wellington Street SA72 6JR
Wesley Court SA72 6NE

Sussex Road SA72 6DF
Kent Row SA72 6DF
Dorset Row SA72 6DF
Devonshire Road SA72 6DF
Canterbury Road SA72 6EL
Gloucester Way SA72 6EH
Glenview Avenue SA72 6EJ
Orielton Terrace SA72 6TN
Chapel Road, Llanreath SA72 6TL
Beach Road, Llanreath SA72 6TP
Martello Road, Llanreath SA72 6XW
Old School Court SA72 6TA
Cuckoo Woods SA72 6PR
Cuckoo Woods SA72 6PS
Spring View SA72 6PT
Llanion Cottages SA72 6UG
Waterloo Road SA72 6UA

If you require any further information please contact us on 01437 770004, or



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Flying Start

What is Flying Start?

Flying Start is a Welsh Government funded programme which is targeted at children aged 0 - 3 years 11months and their families who live in certain areas of Pembrokeshire defined by postcode.

It is well recognised that children's early years are an important period and experiences at this time impact greatly on children's future development - so it is very important to get it right.

Dewis Cymru is the place to go if you want information or advice about your well-being – or want to know how you can help somebody else.

Contact us

(01437) 770004

ID: 1844, revised 06/10/2021

Childcare Advisory Team

The Advisory Team are responsible for quality part time childcare for 2-3 year olds. The provision of good quality childcare for children 2-3years old is the centre piece of the services to be provided under the Flying Start initiative. Childcare is provided in a number of settings across the postcode areas and the Advisory team work closely with all the settings to support, develop and monitor quality practice.

Flying Start Quality Assured Settings

Pembroke/Pembroke Dock

  • Pembroke Dock Community School Flying Start Playgroup
  • Pennar Community School Flying Start Playgroup
  • Ysgol Gelli Aur / Golden Grove School Flying Start Playgroup
  • Monkton Community School Flying Start Playgroup
  • Jumping Beans Day Nursery
  • Golden Manor Day Nursery
  • Tabernacle Kindergarten 
  • Portfield Pre-School Playgroup

Milford Haven

  • Meads Flying Start Playgroup
  • Little Acorns Playgroup
  • Happy Days Childcare 


  • Fenton School Playgroup 

Merlin’s Bridge

  • Bright Start Day Nursery


  • Neyland Playgroup  

For more information please contact:

Caroline Griffiths on 01437 770004


ID: 1845, revised 08/08/2022

Health service

Health Visitors

Our aim to provide you with a friendly, caring and accessible service. The Health Visiting Service in Flying Start is able to provide additional home visits from the ante natal period through to 3 years and 11months. This is to support you with parenting and to provide you with any help and advice which you might need. 

Community Nursery Nurses

The Flying Start Health Visitors are supported by a team of Community Nursery Nurses, who offer a range of help and support at a group or one to one within the home. These include, caring for your new baby, feeding, weaning, sleep routines, potty training and behaviour issues.

Group sessions include baby massage, under 1s and toddler groups. 


The Flying Start Midwife offers additional support for women during the pregnancy and the immediate post natal period. 

Women who may need additional support are teenage mums, unsupported mums or mums who are vulnerable due to health or circumstances. 

The Flying Start Midwives offer advice on staying healthy during pregnancy, maximising your chances of a normal birth, what happens when labour becomes more complex, breast feeding and infant feeding, care of the newborn and postnatal recovery. The focus is on maximising your unborn baby's mental and physical development and bonding with your baby. 

You can ask you midwife to refer you or refer yourself by ringing 01437 770013 and leaving a message for us to call you back. 

Rhian Walters - Flying Start Midwife 

Speech & Language Team

Supporting children's language and communication development is a core aim of the Flying Start project. 

The importance of targeting and identifying children who are having difficulties as early as possible is well evidenced. As is research into brain development which has shown the first three years of a child's life are crucial to the development of good language and communication skills. 

What do the Speech & Language Team do?

  • Provide general communication support for all children
  • Ensure that other members of the Flying Start team are able to identify and support children's speech, language and communication difficulties
  • Provide parents/carers with specific and practical strategies to develop children's language through play 

The Health team will also refer you to other agencies within Flying Start if required.

Contact us

(01437) 770031

ID: 1846, revised 08/08/2022

Parenting Support

Parenting support is a specific entitlement within Flying Start.

All parents/carers who live in a catchment area will be offered parenting support. 

This includes, parenting groups and 1:1 support in the home.

For further information

Flying Start 01437 770004.

ID: 1848, revised 06/10/2021