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Existing Route Maps for Pembrokeshire (2016-2017)

Active Travel Route Maps

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We have an outstanding network of traffic-free routes and quiet lanes that are ideal for touring, day trips and commuting to work, shopping or just going for a walk or ride as a family.

The traffic-free sections generally have a smooth surface suitable for everyone including small children, anyone with limited mobility and wheelchairs and scooters. The sections marked as ‘quiet lanes' have low traffic volumes making them suitable for family walking or cycling, especially at weekends. However, care must be taken at all times as ‘quiet lanes' are public highways.

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Pembrokeshire Trail

The Pembrokeshire Trail extends approximately 35 miles from Newport in the North to Amroth in the South. Circular walks/trails connect with the Trail along its length, enabling access to historic towns and communities.

The Trail was developed with funding from the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 funded by the Welsh Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and Regional Transport Plan grant. The development of the project was led by Pembrokeshire County Council.
The Trail is available for walkers along the whole length. For cyclists and horse-riders there are certain parts with are not accessible so alternative routes have been identified.

Pembrokeshire Trail Map 

Scooting Around in Pembrokeshire

A guide to accessible "walks" in Pembrokeshire has been produced by the Pembrokeshire Access Group. The guide contains information on over 40 routes across the county, all well within the capacity of most electric scooters and some are accessible by manual wheelchairs with assistance. Copies of the guide can be purchased from the Access Officer at Pembrokeshire County Council, County Hall, Haverfordwest. Price £2.50. For further information please telephone 01437 764551.

Alternatively, the guide can be viewed by visiting:

Scooting around in Pembrokeshire 

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