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Event Planning and Notification

What size & type of event are you hoping to have?

It is important to determine from the beginning what type of event you are intending to put on, so that from an early stage you can establish what permissions you may need and people who you need to contact in advance of the event taking place.

This means having a detailed grasp of a range of factors including:

  • knowledge of the proposed event activities and the level of risk to participants, audience and staff;
  • whether the activities are indoors or outdoors;
  • the proposed number of competitors, size of audience and workforce i.e. if an event has 25 participants doing boat racing but over 300 spectators then it would be classed as a large event.
  • whether the audience will be standing, seated or a mixture of both
  • duration and time of year that the event will take place.


ID: 4705, revised 14/02/2020