Event Planning and Notification

Privately Owned Land

Privately Owned Land

Early engagement and communication with landowners is the key to any successful event. 

You should always liaise with the owner of the land where your event is planned. It may not always be necessary for you to obtain every landowners permission (for example, if you are holding a walking activity along a public footpath).

Below are some of the situations where you must gain permission from the landowner. 

If your event:

  • Crosses land which is privately owned or managed
  • Needs new or temporary facilities
  • Hinders land management operations
  • Interferes with other people’s enjoyment
  • Affects the environment.

Permission may be granted, with or without conditions, or refused at the discretion of the landowner. 

To find out who owns the land you would like to use for an event, use the National Land Registry


ID: 4724, revised 19/03/2019