Event Planning and Notification

Land with special designations

Some places within Pembrokeshire are specially protected as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), Special Protection Areas (SPAs), Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), a National Nature Reserve or Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

Check if where you plan to hold your event has a special designation and if you will need any special permissions.  

You can find out where these are:

You will need to seek the advice of Natural Resources Wales (NRW) on how to avoid damaging the special features of such sites

On SSSIs, landowners must obtain consent from NRW to carry out or permit certain operations – known as ‘operations requiring consent’ – that might damage the features of the site. If the site is also a SPA or SAC site a further assessment may be required.

It is important that landowners are consulted in good time to allow them, if necessary, to discuss the issues involved with Natural Resources Wales.

The Park Authority can also provide information and advice on how to avoid causing damage to other sensitive habitats.

ID: 4727, revised 20/05/2019