Event Planning and Notification

Council Owned Land

Early engagement and communication with us is the key to any successful event, and just because the proposed site is owned by the us does not mean that it will automatically be made available.  If you are proposing to use Council owned land you must liaise with us at an early stage. The issues highlighted in the private landowners section equally applies to Council land.

If you are looking to hold an event on Council owned land (other than car parks), please provide the information listed below and return along with the relevant fee (see fees and charges section) for negotiating and documenting the event.

  • Event description
  • Location (provide a plan showing the land required)
  • Venue / site layout (provide a sketch layout)
  • Dates 
  • Times 
  • Duration (including set up and take down after the event) 
  • Event Management Plan including risk assessment
  • Copy of indemnity insurance certificate for the event (in the name of the licensee and for a minimum of £5 million pounds)
  • Charity number (if applicable)
  • Copy of Temporary Event Notice (if applicable)
  • Contact details of the licensee

In addition to the fee, there may be a charge to use the land for the event and a £250 bond will be held by us for the duration of the event and will be returned after the event as long it is left in a satisfactory condition.

Please contact our Property Department to discuss landowners consent on Council owned land at propertyenquiries@pembrokeshire.gov.uk or 01437 764551

ID: 4732, revised 20/05/2019