Event Planning and Notification

Closing a road for an event

You need to get permission to stop or limit vehicles or pedestrians on a road, footway or public right of way or for any other temporary traffic restriction such as a waiting restriction.

Some streets/roads are easier to close than others. Before making your application think about other residents, access for emergency services and the impact closing your road may have on other roads.


 To apply for a road closure for an event, an application needs to be sent to the Head of Highways and Construction with full details of:

  • event
  • dates
  • times
  • duration
  • traffic management proposals
  • contact details


You are advised to provide them with details of your event as soon as possible (applications could take up to 12 weeks to process for large events) so that Police and other interested parties can be consulted on your proposal in plenty of time. 

The event organiser will also need to tell road users and residents in advance with:

  • temporary street signs and traffic management
  • letters

For further information or queries on highways matters please contact our Streetcare Team  streetcare@pembrokeshire.gov.uk or 01437 764551



ID: 4764, revised 20/05/2019