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European Fisheries Fund

The European Fisheries Fund (Axis 4) is available for a wide range of activities including sea and inland fishing, aquaculture, and the processing and marketing of fisheries products.  More emphasis is placed upon those activities which may have been most affected by changes within the industry.

Pembrokeshire formed a Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) who will determine where the funds are spent.  The FLAG is made up of representatives from the local fishing communities and groups, along with those from the main public, community, and voluntary sectors in the area.  For the full list of FLAG members, please visit the FLAG Members page. 

The FLAG partnership in Pembrokeshire has named itself "Cleddau to Coast", and held its inaugural meeting in July 2011.  Pembrokeshire County Council was appointed to act on behalf of the FLAG as the lead body, and the Council's European Unit provides the Secretariat role to the partnership.  Since Summer 2011, the FLAG has developed a Local Development Strategy (LDS) and Implementation Plan (IP) for the delivery of the EFF Axis 4 in Pembrokeshire.


What grants are available?

Two different grant schemes will be running within Pembrokeshire.  There will be a Small Grant Scheme, for grants up to the value of £5,000, and a larger grant scheme which will be for any application seeking more than £5,000 in grant.

What's the process?

All applicants, regardless of the amount of the money they're seeking, complete an Expression of Interest form.  This is submitted to the Lead Body to ensure it meets the required criteria.  If so, the applicant will be invited to complete and submit a full application, either using the small grant scheme or the larger project application form.

If the project requires grant of up to £5,000 then the decision to approve the project will be made by the FLAG.  Grant offer letters will be issued by Pembrokeshire County Council.

If the project requires grant in excess of £5,000 then provided the FLAG agrees to support the project, the application will be passed to the Welsh Government, and they will issue the grant offer letter.



 The Cleddau to Coast FLAG have appointed Menter a Busnes to deliver the Animation element of Axis 4 under the European Fisheries Fund Programme.  Under Animation, Menter a Busnes will;

  • Facilitate Community Engagement amongst individuals, communities, businesses and organisations within Pembrokeshire,
  • Build an understanding of EFF Axis 4 in the Pembrokeshire Fishing Area,
  • Assist and support in generation of project ideas,
  • Assist and support through application for grant,
  • Provide an aftercare service for successful applicants to deliver their projects.

For further information, please contact Jon Parker at or alternatively on 07841869893. 

The Cleddau to Coast FLAG have appointed Wavehill to undertake the Evaluation of the actions funded by the FLAG and the FLAG itself.  This in turn will provide evidence that can inform future funding decisions and activities.  This will include an assessment of the extent to which the projects achieved their objectives.

Evaluation of the Cleddau to Coast Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) – September 2015

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