European Unit

European Unit

The European Unit is part of the Regeneration department within Pembrokeshire County Council. We cover all issues concerning the development, delivery and aftercare of European Union (EU) funded projects. 

We are currently in the funding period that runs from 2007-2013, and the two main programmes impacting Pembrokeshire are the Convergence Programme and the Rural Development Plan.

The Convergence programme is the successor to Objective 1, which ran from 2000-2006, with the aim to help with economic growth within the county. There is a large variation in project types running within the programme, some more tailored to education and training, and others looking to improve the counties infrastructure. Projects are not just bound to Pembrokeshire, some run throughout West Wales, promoting collaboration among different local authorities.

The Rural Development Plan is a group of projects with aims of delivering support and activities to rural and countryside communities. Despite the RDP programme running from 2007-2013, the programme was split into two rounds. The first running from 2007-2011, in which Pembrokeshire had 20 projects, and the second running from 2011-2013, in which Pembrokeshire has 2 projects. Full details of all projects can be found under the Rural Development section of the site.

The European Fisheries Fund (Axis 4) is available for a wide range of activities including sea and inland fishing, aquaculture, and the processing and marketing of fisheries products



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