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Environmental Enforcement

Environmental Enforcement

We are changing our approach to tackle littering, dog fouling and other anti-social behaviour. 

From listening to residents we know how important it is for their local area to be clean, free from litter and dog fouling and a pleasant environment in which to live. Despite all our efforts to keep the area clean and litter-free some individuals continue to drop litter, fail to clean up after their dog or carry out other anti-social behaviour. 

As part of a continuing commitment to improve the local environment for the benefit of residents, visitors and local businesses, we are increasing our environmental enforcement across the County. 

We are entering into a partnership with District Enforcement to provide littering and dog fouling and anti-social behaviour enforcement within Pembrokeshire from 10th September 2018. 

Uniformed Environmental Enforcement Officers will be operating in all parts of the County on the streets, car parks and on other open land that the public have access to.  Anyone witnessed littering or failing to pick up after the dog they are walking by the officers will be issued with a £150 fixed penalty notice, which will be discounted to £75 if paid within 10 days. 

Fixed penalty payments should be paid using the following number 0203 131 3801

If you have any details regarding problem areas within your community or any queries please contact District Enforcement on 0151 647 0387 or email

ID: 4080, revised 16/03/2020