Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant

Summary of Supported Projects

Summary of supported projects

Total: £4,816,995.00

Grant awarded: £4,155,829.93

Amroth Bowls Club

The applicant will purchase an electronic mat handling unit. This will increase the Clubs ability to engage with older and less abled participants, participation time and coaching opportunities for all ages to combat the impact of second home ownership and its detrimental effect on this coastal isolated communities. This equipment will facilitate more use of the club by groups currently restricted by mobility and strength as the current process requires two able bodied individuals to lay mats out

Total project cost: £5,646.00

Grant awarded: £4,000.00

Amroth Community Council

This project will develop a permanent tribute and commemoration to Exercise Jantzen’ the rehearsals for the Normandy D-Day landings. It will celebrate the important role and contribution that Amroth Community made to the success of the D-Day landings. An interpretive panel will include text and pictures of Exercise "Jantzen" exercise. QR codes will also be installed on the trail referencing other World War Two and historical interests around the village.

Total project cost: £3,045.60

Grant awarded:£2,436.48

Amroth Community Council

This project is to retain historical road names of the village of Llanteg to maintain a sense of place for future generations. Many roads in the village are not signed and as they lose older residents historical names in the community will be lost. This project was initiated by Tavernspite School to assist the teaching of local history with Amroth Community Council.

Total project cost: £1,036.79

Grant awarded: £691.42

Amroth Community Council

The redevelopment of Summerhill Play Area, replacing equipment that is worn through usage and weathering. Enhance toddler and junior play experiences with additional, modern, engaging and interactive equipment that our young people expect today. Make good perimeter fencing for safety and install new equipment and directional signage.

Total project cost:£40,018.00

Grant awarded: £30,018.00

Amroth Community Council

To pilot a free WiFi service a long a length of approx 200m along the western end of Amroth seafront near where the majority of bars, shops and restaurants are located. Due to geography the phone signal is currently very poor or non-existent depending on the mobile network provider.

Total project cost: £5,005.00

Grant awarded: £3,880.00

Amroth Community Council

The second phase of the Summerhill Play Area redevelopment will replace the main junior multiplay equipment, replace current picnic tables (to be reused elsewhere within the community), have a dedicated play table-top activity benches and replace broken seats.

Total project cost: £27,876.47

Grant awarded: £22,301.18

Amroth Community Council – Community Cinema

This project will re-introduce a monthly local community cinema evening in Amroth Parish Hall. To support this and provide best experience to audiences, new and upgraded audio visual technology will be installed in the hall. Funding has been agreed towards film distribution licensing and purchase of films, plus hire of the hall to screen events.

Total project cost: £4,896.00

Grant awarded: £3,916.80

Amroth - Llanteg Village Hall

The project will improve the visual and audio experience of Llanteg Hall users through the installation of a sound system, inductive loop hearing system, electric projector / screen, stage lighting, DVD / CD players, portable TV monitor, control system for the above and initial years TV License and Wi-Fi subscription.

Total project cost: £10,598.00

Grant awarded: £8,478.40

Amroth and District Community Association 

The project is to replace the current carpeted floor which currently prohibits certain types of activities, with a new hard-wearing LVT floor. This will be easier to clean and allow additional groups to make use of the hall. Several groups currently use the community hall which provides an affordable venue for local residents to hire.

Total project cost: £4,325.40

Grant awarded: £3,460.32

Amroth Community Council

This third phase of work in the play area addresses concerns raised on inspection reports. Whilst mainly low-level concerns, if left unchecked, they will become more problematic and could affect the ongoing enjoyment of the play area. Resolving these now will be more cost-effective than waiting for failure to occur.

Total project cost: £7,000.00

Grant awarded: £5,600.00

Angle Community Council - Community Park

This project is phase one of three phases to develop a specific area of land roughly within the boundaries of the existing play-park extending towards the old Angle School building, into a safe and inclusive play-space, picnic area and garden space for the enhancement and well-being of the whole community.

Total project cost: £30,132.00

Grant awarded: £11,678.87

Brawdy Community Council

Provision of an emergency defibrillator and community book exchange in Trefgarn-Owen to enable the community to be better placed to care for itself during a healthcare emergency and save lives.

Total project cost: 2,131.00

Grant awarded: 1,704.00

Burton Community Council

This project will revitalise and improve the garden area by the sea, adjacent to the pontoon at Burton Ferry. It will offer more accessible seating by levelling the area and removing high kerbs and landscaping. Interpretation panels will also be reinstated.

Total project cost: £5,100.00

Grant awarded: £4,080.00

1st Johnston Scout Group - Burton

The Scout Group have refurbished and developed their redundant chapel building and grounds, which is also used by the wider Community – this project will enable their current priority identified by users, namely, to improve storage space.

Total project cost: £7,529.00

Grant awarded: £6,023.00

Burton Community Council

The project will provide new play equipment for children, to replace the aging and redundant equipment there at present, as well as associated seating areas. It also aims to provide an adjacent natural recreational area for families, visitors and others to mingle and associate.

Total project cost: £54,730.00

Grant awarded: £17,459.00

Bwlchygroes Community Hall Committee

The project is to install a kitchen and bar in the newly built community hall. This will increase hall booking opportunities, help the sustainability of the facility and increase community vibrancy.

Total project cost: £8,659.00

Grant awarded: £6,090.00

Carew Community Council Events Area

The project will transform an area outside Carew Community Hall into a multi-use outdoor functional area through resurfacing the car park, enhancing the area with movable tables, benches, herb garden, sensory planting, barbeque area, solar lighting and landscaping. Creating an additional outdoor focal area for the community to bring everyone together.

Total project cost: £17,444.99

Grant awarded: £11,804.00

Carew Cheriton Control Group

The project is to re-roof their existing portakabin building, which houses the lecture room and museum with box profile sheeting.

Total project cost: £8,250.00

Grant awarded: £6,816.00

Carew Community Council

This project is Phase 1 which is to remove and replace the existing gate, repair and make good the existing play equipment by painting. They will replace the roundabout with new wheelchair friendly one, adding necessary safety surface to surrounds and a wheelchair friendly picnic bench.

Total project cost: £20,998.00

Grant awarded: £11,134.00

Clarbeston Road AFC

The construction of a tractor garage and store to facilitate relocation of their tractor and mower and removal of an existing garage and storage container. It will free up space and allow adjoining external areas, to be developed for club and community use.

Total project cost: £16,044.00

Grant awarded: £7,250.00

Cosheston Area Community History Project

The project is to present Cosheston History Club historical information in a number of ways and use it to bring together all ages of the community to educate, inform and engage people in their environment and create a sense of place today and pride in the area in which they live and work.

Total project cost: £6,341.00

Grant awarded: £5,129.00

Caerhys Organic Community Agriculture (COCA)

The project is to relaunch of COCA to celebrate and share a new regenerative growing model alongside the introduction of new growers. The project aims to reinvest in the community: build facilities that will help the community come together through growing, and support the COCA model to be communicate to reach new people and support wider access to the food grown.

Total project cost: £40,072.44

Grant awarded: £31,040.44

Clydau Community Council Helping Halls – (Cymdeiths Cwm Arian)

This project informed by the 2020 Pilot to help community halls aims to add value to the pilot project by, promoting recovery after Covid, strengthening community links, supporting halls to find funding for ambitious projects, sharing best practice and link events, providing e-newsletters to share success and mentoring volunteers to increase confidence.

Total project cost: £15,764.00

Grant awarded: £12,611.00

Clydau Community Council

This project informed by the 2020 Pilot to help community halls aims to add value to the pilot project by, promoting recovery after Covid, strengthening community links, supporting halls to find funding for ambitious projects, sharing best practice and link events, providing e-newsletters to share success and mentoring volunteers to increase confidence.

Total project cost: £34,962.79

Grant awarded: £27,722.00

Clunderwen Community Council

The project will provide a bench to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the erection of the village war memorial. Situated alongside the memorial the area can bring residents together for quiet reflection, a chat, company, reducing isolation and loneliness, promoting healthy communities and a sense of belonging through history

Total project cost: £2,124.00

Grant awarded: £1,674.00

Cylch Meithrin Croesgoch

This project focuses on supporting the development of a wraparound Welsh medium provision for local families. This is phase 2 for the development of a new venue within the local primary school and will support the infrastructure changes which are required.

Total project cost: £4,404.78

Grant awarded: £3,523.83

Crosswell Youth and Community Centre

This is to complete the next phase of their overall action plan for the hall. It will ensure the hall is safe and welcoming for residents, community groups and potential future users. This project will support the internal refurbishment, decoration, signage and internal kitchen equipment.

Total project cost: £5,700.39

Grant awarded: £4,560.31

Crymch Football Club

The project is to provide updated communal changing rooms to help ensure a prosperous future for Crymych Football Club and the surrounding communities. The current facilities are inadequate, and this will support the Club to become a more active social hub supporting the well-being of local people.

Total project cost: £8,100.60

Grant awarded: £6,078.80

Crymych Cricket Club

Crymych Cricket Club are re-establishing their base in Crymych at the Preseli Playing Fields. This project is to provide an accessible storage facility on site to store club equipment and machinery, which is essential to re-developing the pitch and managing the area

Total project cost: £5,700.00

Grant awarded: £4,560.00

Crymych – Gwyl Fel Na Mai

To hold a community Welsh language festival in Pembrokeshire in 2023. It will benefit Welsh language speakers, Welsh learners and people who have recently moved to the area to appreciate the Welsh language music scene. They aim to work to develop new talent within the Welsh music scene.

Total project cost: £13,000.00

Grant awarded: £9,850.00

Cwm Arian Renewable Energy Ltd

The CLEAN project to assess the ecological health of the Afon Nyfer catchment, supported by CARE's experience staff and partners. It will engage 60 'citizen scientist' volunteers in monthly water sampling, identifying landscape interventions to improve water quality and engagement with landowners, farmers and the wider community. 

Total project cost: £26,245.00

Grant awarded: £17,019.00

Cwm Gwaun Ysgol Llanychllwydog PTA

The project will see pupils from Ysgol Llanychllwydog collaborating with Welsh Learners from the area in the school for formal and informal Welsh lessons, to involve Welsh learners in the activity of the school to improve the school garden with the help of the learners. The project aims to introduce the Welsh language to learners in the area and help build stronger relationships between the school and members of the community. Improving the school garden would improve the environment for pupils and for the whole community as the garden is outside the school gates and is seen by everyone in the community. The project aims to help create a cohesive community by working on common goals and improving the environment in the area.

Total project cost: £2,000.00

Grant awarded: £1,550.00

Dale Peninsular Paper – Printer

The project will replace the existing printer to ensure continued and improved development and distribution of the community newspaper. Peninsular Papers involves 32 volunteers editing, printing and distributing 765 community magazines free of charge within the villages of Dale, St Brides, Marloes, St Ishmael's, Walwyn's Castle and Roberston West.

Total project cost: £4,250.00

Grant awarded: £3,329.00

Dale Winter Warmers

The applicant identified a community project that will establish regular, weekly, informal "get-togethers"/"drop-ins" in Dale during winter months for permanent residents of the village. Activities will be arranged in accordance with the wishes of those attending and will focus on enjoyment, health and well-being. The project will promote a healthy community, improve social care and ultimately enhance the sustainability of Dale.

Total project cost: £3,452.00

Grant awarded: £2,750.00

Dale – The Coronation Hall CIO

The project is to improve and upgrade the Dale village hall by installing blackout blinds,  a projector, hearing loop with an app for use on smart phones plus iPods available for those with no smart phone, a PA system and acoustic measures in the hall

Total project cost: £29,076.00

Grant awarded: £18,800.00

Dinas Cross Memorial Playing Field Committee

The project will improve the drainage of Dinas Memorial Playing Field to enable it to be used all year round. This project will provide an accessible play and recreation area for all the community.

Total project cost: £21,060.00

Grant awarded: £15,139.00

Dinas Cross Memorial Playing Field

To upgrade, replace and modernise the play equipment.  This will encompass all age groups and be totally inclusive, educational, fun and safe.

Total project cost: £79,999.00

Grant awarded: £44,605.00

East Williamston Community and Hall Association

The project aims to encourage second home owners to become engaged with the community through use of the Community Hall and Community Park to have a positive impact on the local economy. It will deliver six notice boards at strategic points in the community adjacent to 3 bus stops, on the play area, in the community park and on the community hall. This will broaden the reach of local information available. For initial impetus, they will print and distribute a bi-lingual leaflet about the local amenities including local contact numbers and activities in the Hall and Park to all houses in the area.

Total project cost:£8,085.00

Grant awarded: £6,468.00

East Williamston Community Council

As part of the ongoing collaborative venture by East Williamston Community Council and the local Community Association, support is given towards the management of maturing woodland areas and the creation of an extended network of additional ‘Green Welly’ nature trails throughout this habitat.

Total project cost: £24,273.00

Grant awarded: £19,418.00

East Williamston Short Mat Bowls Club

This project will support the provision of new mats, which are old and kinked and as the Club is now widening its scope to include juniors, smaller woods and jack balls for youngsters,

Total project cost:£3,005.35

Grant awarded: £2,405.00

East Williamston Community and Hall Association

This project aims to share the facilities of East Williamston Community and Hall Association with users and volunteers. Through the purchase of equipment and hand tools it will assist them develop, maintain and enhance the landscape of those facilities namely the Associations allotments and Jubilee Park.

Total project cost: £1,163.00

Grant awarded: £900.00

Eglwyswrw Crosswell Youth Community Centre

The applicant proposes to carry out a phased regeneration of the Community centre with 4 key stages. This project is the first stage to ensure that the hall is accessible to all its users and that the basic facilities are of the highest quality possible and the toilets are accessible.

Total project cost: £24,750.00

Grant awarded: £4,800.00

Eglwyswrw Village Association

The village hall is the community’s only suitable meeting place. They wish to make the facility more engaging and flexible so that the local community use it. This project is to support the delivery of film nights, drop-in events, fitness and well-being activities to make the hall self-sustaining and become more of a village hub.

Total project cost:£4,944.58

Grant awarded: £3,955.67

Fishguard and Goodwick Aberjazz

Aberjazz organises the annual Aberjazz music festival, which runs throughout the August Bank Holiday weekend, coinciding with Fishguard and Goodwick Carnival on Bank Holiday Saturday. This project will add a new event their festival ‘the Aberjazz Parade’, which will take place on Bank Holiday Sunday. Its intention is to extend the carnival atmosphere over 2 days.

Total project cost:£2,775.10

Grant awarded: £2,048.05

Fishguard and Goodwick - Fishguard Invasion Trust Ltd

The Genealogy Project is designed to engage local people to identify families living in the area during the time of the French Invasion in 1797. Little knowledge exists of the local population living in the Fishguard and surrounding area during this period. The project will link these families to their descendants living in the vicinity.

Total project cost: £4,900.00

Grant awarded: £3,920.00

Fishguard and Goodwick Fishguard Musical Theatre Society

The project is to purchase rights and scripts, rehearsal space rental and equipment to build sets. Enabling the Fishguard Musical Theatre Society (FMTS)- to perform 'The Sound of Music' and 'Peter Pan: The Musical'.

Total project cost: £4,000.00

Grant awarded: £3,200.00

Fishguard and Goodwick - Fishguard Sports AFC

The project is to provide a more welcoming and safe environment to engage more participants throughout the year. Fencing off the bank at the bottom end of the football ground will allow the development of a cricket team and other year round team sports.

Total project cost: £14,584.00

Grant awarded: £5,273.14

Fishguard and Goodwick - Fishguard Sports AFC

Following a successful Phase 1 project, this project is to prepare and develop a good quality cricket pitch. This will enable Fishguard Sports to attract more sports participants, families and Fishguard School to enjoy their facility all year round. It will ultimately make the Club more sustainable and help restore vibrancy to a large section of the Fishguard and Goodwick community.

Total project cost: £16,320.00

Grant awarded: £13,600.00

Fishguard and Goodwick - Fishguard Transition Bro Gwaun

This project will build on the success of the Community Fridge and interest locals are showing in other waste and money saving activities, e.g. clothes exchanges, repairing household items, cookery sessions and energy advice. The project will employ a part time co-ordinator to set up an activity programme helping local people to reduce waste, save money and gain skills.

Total project cost: £16,766.00

Grant awarded: £10,786.00

Fishguard and Goodwick Sea Trust CIC

The applicant has reported that the project will recruit and train volunteers to conduct photo ID surveys around the Pembrokeshire coast, adding to Sea Trust databases. One of the aims of this project is to provide an opportunity for participants working together to benefit their mental/physical health, social life and employability skills. The project will also add to the tourist experience helping to bring footfall to Fishguard and Goodwick, where the project is based.

Total project cost: £43,711.05

Grant awarded: £16,772.55

Fishguard and Goodwick Young Person's Trust Ltd (POINT)

This project is to develop an intergenerational ICT support programme and includes the training of young people (NEETS, Duke of Edinburgh and Welsh Bacc pupils) to deliver ICT support to other areas of the community. It will connect different generations in new and positive ways e.g. local living history project, innovative multi-media projects and online safety training.

Total project cost: £13,131.00

Grant awarded: £12,775.00

Fishguard and District Local History Group/Hanes Abergwaun

The development of an easily accessible local history database and website to record and preserve the varied history of the Fishguard and Goodwick area. This will give opportunities for residents and second home owners to become actively involved in the heritage of the twin towns.

Total project cost: £4,620.00

Grant awarded: £3,000.00

Lota Park – Fishguard

To refurbish, replace and re install modern and safe inclusive play equipment and skate park.  The need for this resulted from the decision of the community listening to children and young people that Lota Park was not a place where they could socially interact with their peers due to the inadequate facilities.

Total project cost: £65,000.00

Grant awarded: £20,000.00

Fishguard and Goodwick – Greener Growth CIC

Project focuses on Goodwick Primary School to create a Community Kitchen & Wildlife Garden. This aims to be a strategic Flagship, demonstrating and proving multiple benefits of community based food growing hub and conservation garden in school grounds. This resource will help create community cohesion amongst locals, older people socially isolated without family or school age children as well as current school family and friends.

Total project cost: £25,000.00

Grant awarded: £18,000.00

Fishguard Young Farmers Hall

The project is to complete the rebuild and make good the Fishguard Young Farmers Community Hall. This will address the current lack of community facilities and provide opportunities for all members of the local area to take part in social and recreational activities. It will in turn reduce feelings of isolation and provide increased opportunities for education and training. 

Total Project Cost: £34,026.21

Grant awarded: £27,223.52

Gelliswick Green

The project is to replace low-level fencing around two large grassed areas in Gelliswick, Hakin (approximately eight acres) to provide a safe, traffic-free area for community users. Three sides of fencing will be replaced and a gate with pedestrian and vehicular access will be installed to reduce the need for additional fencing.

Total Project Cost: £12,280.00

Grant awarded: £9,822.00

Grwp Resilience Haverfordwest

This project will support a part-time manager to develop one or more new community gardening sites in Haverfordwest and nearby. The sites will meet existing and new demand for community growing, and will meet educational and wellbeing needs.

Total project cost: £13,091.00

Grant awarded: £10,466.00

Haverfordwest Garth Youth and Community Project

The project will refurbish and upgrade the facilities within the building, this includes an upgrade of the heating system, one element of the roof and redecorating. This will enable them to utilise all the rooms in the building more efficiently and offer activities in a warm more welcoming environment.

Total project cost: £13,330.00

Grant awarded: £10,640.00

Haverfordwest Tabernacle Community Centre

The project is to replace the poor condition flooring, the stage area and damaged partitioning. Work will include fitting acoustic underlay and commercial grade laminate to the floor, treating underside of stage for rot and woodworm, replacing plasterboard, replacing and boarding up rotten window frame.

Total project cost: £4,531.00

Grant awarded: £3,625.00

Haverfordwest VC Gallery

The VC Gallery will contract a volunteer and digital marketing manager to increase their digital exposure, and enable them to have a greater impact within their community. The role will include identifying hard to reach isolated service users, communicate more efficiently, improving their reach and expanding their support network. This will help them to keep their community well informed of events and opportunities.

Total project cost: £24,000.00

Grant awarded: £19,200.00

Haverhub CIC

To enable recruitment of a paid core member of management staff to oversee the operational and administrative functions and ensure professional compliance across the organisation. The role will include HR/Volunteer Management, Facilities and buildings maintenance and Covid risk management, customer and client services, constitutional business, day to day financial management and public relations.

Total project cost: £25,000.00

Grant awarded: £20,000.00

Haverfordwest AFC

The focus is on energy-efficient measures as well as equipment, to enhance the offer and suitability of the current provision, for those utilising the facilities for both social and economic benefits. Support is being given towards signage, windows, boiler and furniture at the Bluebirds Community Hub.

Total project cost: £11,445.71

Grant awarded: £9,156.56

Hayscastle Community Project

This project will produce a community booklet and update the community website. It will also purchase a marquee, and display boards to be used at the community centre and at local shows and events. This will improve communication with all residents, second homeowners and visitors to increase local events and community vibrancy.

Total project cost:£7,730.72

Grant awarded: £6,563.22

Hook Sports Association

This project will repair damaged roof areas, which has a number of holes in it, and water-damaged internal areas at Hook Sports Association building.

Total project cost: £8,225.00

Grant awarded: £6,580.00

Jeffreyston Community Council

A large green area in Jeffreyston is currently unused. The applicant plans to give the village a central social hub again without raising the precept. The aim of enhancing the park is to nurture friendships and with the involvement of volunteers create an environmentally friendly space.

Total project cost: £3,091.00

Grant awarded: £2,372.00

Johnston Community Council Play Area

This project is part of an overall strategy to enhance the Vine Field as a family/community area for recreation and relaxation. It will support the provision of new play park equipment, aimed at the younger age bracket (toddler–11 years).

Total project cost: £37,298.00

Grant awarded: £14,291.00

Kilgetty Begelly Community Council

The project is to replace existing, deteriorating play equipment with new, all-inclusive items using materials that will have longevity and of good construction while considering the environment and aesthetics. The equipment will take into consideration the ideas presented to the Council by children living in the locality and will appeal to a wide age range.

Total project cost: £35,665.20

Grant awarded: £28,047.00

Lamphey Community Council

This project is part of a larger play area enhancement being delivered in the community, as the current play facilities are quite limited. This project is to replace fencing and supply and install exercise and additional play equipment. The funding available will only go part way towards the equipment: hence it is Phase 1.

Total project cost: £25,204.19

Grant awarded: £15,990.00

Lamphey Church Hall

The project is phase 2 of modernising Lamphey Church Hall (Jubilee Hall). This was scheduled to start in September 2021 to make it suitable for future local use. It will extend the life of the hall, enable existing groups to expand membership. It will also  encourage new groups to use the facility, allowing a wider range of social activities and make the venue more suitable for private hire.

Total project cost: £138,604.00

Grant awarded: £27,604.00

Lamphey Community Council

The project will enable quarterly community social events throughout the year across Lamphey which would appeal to all members of the community: families, elderly, children, adults, residents, second home owners. Events could include cream teas, summer picnics and barbecues, VE celebrations and winter party.

Total project cost: £3,750.00

Grant awarded: £3,000.00

Llangwm Tirion’s Rainbow

The project will redevelop and enhance the play space in Llangwm, creating an inclusive and natural space for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy. The space will encourage a sense of togetherness and promote biodiversity, including elements designed to benefit all generations. It will enable children and adults to connect with each other and nature, providing a safe space that nurtures resilience and emotional and mental well-being.

Total project cost: £9,038.00

Grant awarded: £7,230.40

Llanrhian Community Council

This project will extend the existing community link officer hours to introduce the PACT scheme and further strengthen existing community groups and establish a long term community vision. This will be achieved through exploring local needs and activities will range from small acts of kindness through to initiating the process to create a community land trust.

Total project cost: £21,070.00

Grant awarded: £14,520.00

Llanrhian Community Council

The 'Connected Community' project will establish a community hub by adapting the existing primary school hall located in the centre of the community council area. A bi-lingual Community Link Officer will be appointed and the future of the local newsletter will be secured and develop its digital presence.

Total project cost: £15,423.78

Grant awarded: £11,536.28

Llanrhian Community Council

This is the second phase of Llanrhian Connected Community Project. Supporting two part-time community link officers, who will work to connect local efforts to create a more connected community, with more active citizenship promoting greater community wellbeing. It will also fund a further two issues of the revamped community magazine 'Llais Rhian'.

Total project cost: £17,632.50

Grant awarded: £13,520.00

Llanrhian Community Council - Trefin Playpark

The project is to carry out renovations and essential maintenance to the 25-year old pavilion in Trefin playpark. This will include repairs and replacement to roof, windows and doors, to maintain and resurrect a community facility for the use and enjoyment of the local community.

Total project cost: £31,737.49

Grant awarded: £25,389.00

Llanteg Village Hall

The project will reduce energy usage and carbon footprint at Llanteg Village Hall. They will replace the current inefficient heating system, replace the damaged double glazed windows and doors, and fit exterior wall insulation to the fabric of the building.

Total project cost: £20,950.00

Grant awarded: £16,760.00

Ludchurch Hall

This project is for the provision of IT equipment for the recently upgraded Ludchurch Community Hall. Local small businesses such as artists and organic food suppliers have the opportunity to use the centre as an outlet, and the investment in IT and Visual Digital units will greatly enhance their activities.

Total project cost:£2,500.00

Grant awarded: £2,000.00

Manorbier Save our Skrinkle Play Area

The project will add value to the Skrinkle community by providing essential play equipment to support the wellbeing of families and children in Manorbier. Through the improvement of this recognised community hub the indigenous population are beginning to address the lack of local facilities and services directly resulting from second home ownership. It will help the local community achieve a self-sustained, cohesive, resilient and vibrant community. The project is requesting support to purchase and install a key piece of play equipment a Nursery Rhythme Multiplay System for the toddler park.

Total project cost: £13,352.00

Grant awarded: £9,741.00

South Ridgway Community Association - Manorbier

This application is for a distinct phase of a bigger £995,000.00 Manorbier Hub build project. It is specifically to lay the flooring throughout the building, which will in turn allow the total build project to be completed. It will ultimately enable the Manorbier community to achieve a financially, sustainable, fully accessible, low impact Community and Sports Hub and ‘outside activity area’. The Hub will have sufficient space inside and out to provide a range of rooms, which can be utilsed simultaneously. It will provide multifunctional use encompassing the needs of the community, visitors and Armed Services, able bodied, disabled or disadvantaged  

Total project cost: £46,639.70

Grant awarded: £38,000.00 

Manorbier Community Council

This project is to replace existing, deteriorating play equipment at Jameston Play Park and Recreation Ground, Manorbier with new, all inclusive, exciting items that will appeal to a wide range of ages. Ideas for the equipment chosen were presented to the Council by children living in the locality. The equipment will be constructed with materials that will have longevity and will take into consideration the environment and aesthetics.

Total project cost: £24,198.20

Grant awarded: £14,097.00

Manordeifi Clynfyw Care Farm CIC Ty Twt Clynfyw

Ty Twt will provide a new inclusive facility at the Care Farm including a ‘changing places’ facility and a drying area. The drying area will ensure that participants, staff, volunteers, visitors and supported residents will be able to access and enjoy outdoor activities, and dry out wet weather gear promptly.

Total project cost: £20,300.70

Grant awarded: £5,000.00

Manordeifi Newchapel Playing Field

The project will replace existing playing field equipment, which is damaged and unsafe.

Total project cost: £11,000.00

Grant awarded: £8,000.00

Marloes & St Brides Marloes Recreation Area & Marloes Village Hall Committee

To improve community cohesion and information sharing across the entire community the project will replace the two existing village notice boards, to ensure a continuation of information across the community.

Total project cost: £1,083.20 

Grant awarded: £866.56

Marloes & St Brides Marloes Village Hall

This project is to provide a solar PV system to heat the village hall through a system of storage heaters and export unused electricity to the national grid. This will make the hall more welcoming and comfortable and help to protect the fabric of the building, limiting the effects of damp on its structure and fittings.

Total project cost: £14,855.70

Grant awarded: £11,880.00

Marloes Recreation Area

This project aims to refurbish the play equipment in the Marloes Recreation Area. This will include new swing seats, safety chains for the cradle swing and a new bearing on the cone spinner. Additionally the play bench will be upgraded and the goal posts made more secure.

Total project cost: £3,154.99

Grant awarded: £2,466.40

Mathry Community Council

The project is to improve a number of communal and social facilities within the area of Mathry to help sustain community viability for the permanent residents and visitors.

Total project cost: £8,411.30

Grant awarded: £6,729.04

Mathry Community Council

The project is to enhance additional communal and facilities within the area of Mathry to help sustain community viability for the permanent residents and visitors.

Total project cost: £6,785.00

Grant awarded: £5,428.00

Mathry Community Council

The Community Council supports a Community Hall, play areas, open spaces, public benches and bus shelters to promote the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community area. This project sets out to improve a number of communal and social facilities within the area of the Mathry community.

Total project cost: £19,735.00

Grant awarded: £15,788.00

Friends of the Mount – Milford Haven

To add some weather protection, benches and planters to a small under-utilised south-facing courtyard at the front of the centre. This would enhance the environment of the centre and offer a space for events. The community adults and children will be engaged to help make and maintain the planters.

Total project cost: £17,664.00

Grant awarded: £14,131.20

Milford Haven Community Society

The project will employ the services of Oxford Psychometrics Ltd. to undertake a staff support and development programme at Milford Haven School. Poor school morale and lack of cohesion has impacted across the entire community and is having a significant adverse effect. This two year pilot will address that and enable a turnaround for the school and community.

Total project cost: £67,065.00

Grant awarded: £23,532.50

Milford Haven Hubberston and Hakin Community Centre

This project is to ensure that the Hubberston and Hakin Hall meets modern environmental standards and good practice relating to energy efficiency. The installation of PV solar panels and a replacement boiler with zoning and temperature controls, will subsequently reduce the energy costs at the centre.

Total project cost: £31,275.64

Grant awarded: £25,000.00

Milford Haven Sea Cadets

To support residential opportunities, the group will purchase bunk beds, including mattresses, to create 80 bed spaces for weekend and school holiday training. They also host groups from further afield to access their facilities and quality training.

Total project cost: £18,715.20

Grant awarded: £12,015.20

Milford Youth Matters

The project will support the staffing of phase 2 of the MYM Pop Up Shop in Milford Haven. Offering young people a comprehensive package that will aid with physical, emotional, educative training and employability support. Providing them with volunteering opportunities leading to employability.

Total project cost: £47,980.00

Grant awarded: 27,980.00

Narberth Bus Stop Youth Project

This project is to enhance the Bus Stop building and its surrounds, which will improve the bottom of the town moor and car park area. It will replace the barbed wire fencing, put in an access pathway, and landscape the grounds, planting trees in collaboration with the Friends of Narberth Trees. The building will be clad in the same material as the south end, exterior doors will be replaced to make it water tight and prevent heat loss, and a ramp will be built to give everyone access. Once the building is fit for purpose new users will be encouraged as well as the reintroduction of the youth drop-in with a paid youth worker to help engage and inspire the young people of the area.

Total project cost: £18,157.77

Grant awarded: £11,707.77

Narberth Ludchurch Village Committee

This project is for the provision of chairs and tables for the recently upgraded Community Hall in Ludchurch. Equipping the hall will furnish the community hub offering greater social inclusion and support in the community.

Total project cost: £10,039.00

Grant awarded: £5,000.00

Narberth Museum

The Narberth Museum coffee shop is a popular meeting place for all ages. This includes a people suffering from mental or physical health problems, loneliness or social isolation. Many vulnerable residents enjoy the facility which helps strengthen community cohesion adversely affected by the growing numbers second homes. The applicant will employ and train a young person to assist in the development of this facility and service they offer supporting existing volunteers.

Total project cost:£1,800.00

Grant awarded: £1,440.00

Nevern and Moylegrove Cymdeithas Trewyddel

This project will create an outdoor events/social activities space in the grounds of the Old School Hall, Moylegrove, transforming an uneven, unsafe and unsightly area through by resurfacing, introducing fixed and removable seating, planters and a covered structure to house barbecues and serving counter, whilst maintaining its use as a parking area.

Total project cost: £4,838.00

Grant awarded: £3,938.00

Nevern and Moylegrove Cymdeithas Trewyddel 2

The Project will procure a demountable staging to increase and extend the scope of events and talks. Construct a secure external wooden storage facility by the hall to accommodate this staging, plus the extra equipment, tables and chairs now required to satisfy the requirements of increasing attendance at events, the range of clubs and private hirers.

Total project cost: £8,173.90

Grant awarded: £6,539.12

Nevern and Moylegrove St Brynach Church Bells

This project follows the restoration of the 12th century Norman Tower of St Brynach Church, Nevern, which entails restoring the 6 bells dating from 1763. In conjunction with this the applicant aims to train a group of bell ringers ready to celebrate the completion of the Tower project. The project aspires to influence healthier communities, safeguarding the environment, raising levels of achievement and helping to create a vibrant community.

Total project cost: £56,470.00

Grant awarded: £11,000.00

Nevern and Moylegrove Agricultural and Horticultural Show

This project will purchase containers and barriers and develop a website to help lower costs and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of show management and promotion, enhancing resilience and community spirit in the area.

Total project cost: £29,043.60

Grant awarded: £20,780.00

Newport Ffrindiau Bro Ingl

The Tanio Draig Tydrath project will help to develop confident Welsh speaking citizen’s in the future through supporting pupils and members of the community to use the Welsh language outside of the school. It supports the Welsh Government objective to reach their target of a million Welsh speakers by the year 2050.

Total project cost: £2,964.00

Grant awarded: £2,000.00

Newport Forum

The project is for the current Engagement Support Officer (ESO) to become an Engagement and Resilience Officer (ERO). The role will involve working with the community developing and implementing the Wellbeing Newport‘s work in the Newport Wellbeing Plan which encompasses building resilience in the local economy, environment, heritage, culture and the arts, as well as in health and social care.

Total project cost: £37,000.00

Grant awarded: £10,000.00

Newport Paths Group

The project is to replace the existing dilapidated and dated Millennium Trail and Easy Access Path information boards in the centre of Newport and Parrog car parks with specially designed, accessible coloured boards showing local footpaths with QR codes linking to information on the PCNPA and Newport Paths Group websites.

Total project cost: £5,932.50

Grant awarded: £4,746.00

Newport Memorial Hall NMH

The project is to resolve the existing poor acoustic conditions in the hall and provide user friendly audio visual equipment in hall; this will be achieved through;

  • Sound Engineer Assessment
  • Purchase of acoustic wall and ceiling panels and all fixings
  • Purchase of user-friendly Plug and Play Audio equipment
  • Purchase of Overhead projector and remotely controlled pull down screen
  • Purchase of 4 Speakers - Blue Ray player - induction loop - Lap top

Total project cost: £16,586.18

Grant awarded: £13,926.18

Newport - The Newport and District Community Forum

The project will develop and distribute to all households a ‘Handbook for Newport’, to increase knowledge and understanding of both residents and second home owners, take-up of, and more appropriate use of, services (more healthy community; improved social care) and improve social capital (self-sustained and more vibrant community).

Total project cost: £5,000.00

Grant awarded: £2,596.00

Newport and District Community Forum

The project will help to improve individual and community wellbeing. The proposed Engagement Support Officer will harness the community linking individual and group needs; facilitate collaborative working to share resources and facilitate community voice, liaising with service providers, working for service improvements through co-production.

Total project cost: £21,617.50

Grant awarded: £7,838.00

Newport Town Council

The applicant is leasing a premise from the PCNPA. The objective of this development is to re-establish a Visitor Centre to support existing/ new local businesses. Establish a community and information service, to include Newport Community Library. In future phases the Town Council aspires to create a new community meeting room and Town Council space. This application supports the applicant purchase equipment to support the community information aspect of the development.

Total project cost: £25,559.86

Grant awarded: £18,649.11

Newport Town Council

A pilot project to employ a Grants and Projects Officer to support the Town Council, local groups, and the wider community identify projects, research sources of funding and help develop applications. This post holder would work closely with neighbouring communities and the proposed Newport Community Forum Engagement Support Officer.

Total project cost: £17,314.00

Grant awarded: £13,824.00

Newport Town Council

A survey of Newport’s residents to assess definitively what housing the community needs now and in future, as well as the effect of Covid on their lives, employment and finances. They shall be working with a consultant and in cooperation with PCC and PCNPA to produce an anonymised and in depth report.

Total project cost: £13,430.00

Grant awarded: £10,730.00

Newport Lifesaving Club

The project will repair the club premises to ensure this community asset remains safe and fit for purpose. The work will safeguard the building and the community activities that take place within it, as well as enhancing this public amenity, given its prominent position at Newport Beach.

Total project cost: £112,902.00

Grant awarded: £61,369.00

Newport SHGT Community Benefit Society Ltd

To employ a volunteer coordinator for the soon to be purchased Havards Hardware store. This will be a community enterprise and prevent the loss of another essential local shop. 

Total project cost: £24,840.00

Grant awarded: £19,872.00

Neyland Town Council

The project will update 14 interpretation boards along Brunel Quay and Westfield Pill nature trail and cycling path. The boards will illustrate the history of Neyland and local wildlife encouraging people to maximise their town experience and encourage use of the nature trail. The trail adds value to the local community and visitor experience. This forms one of a number of opportunities the Town Council are hoping to develop, encouraging people to visit Neyland thus mitigating the impact of second home ownership. The Town Council will take full management and maintenance responsibility of these panels.

Total project cost: £7,163.00

Grant awarded: £5,730.00

Neyland Community Garden

This project will provide 15 community gardens/ allotments with accompanying sheds within the playpark close to Victoria Close and Belle Vue in Neyland. It is for the use of Neyland residents to grow their own vegetables and flowers.

Total Project Cost: £21,000.00

Grant awarded: £9,000.00

Neyland CIC

Neyland Community Hubs opening in 2020, was impacted by Covid-19 and the associated restrictions. This project is to ensure the local community derive the maximum possible benefit from the facilities created by improving access and seating; and through the employment of a staff member to expand the Hubs community reach to ensure its sustainably development

Total project cost: 24,060.00

Grant awarded: 19,248.00

Pembroke Town Council

Pembroke Town Council are applying to enhance The Green, Pembroke to upgrade the community facilities in a ward which has little in the way of public amenity. On behalf of The Green Park Group the Town Council are applying to develop the play area into a welcoming, inclusive community hub where residents of all ages can socialise and participate in events and healthy exercise.

Total project cost: £50,524.00

Grant awarded: £39,951.50

Pembroke Town Council – Play area

This phase 2 project will further enhance the community facilities in Pembroke Green Park. The installation of safety fencing around the existing toddler equipment and the installation of accessible equipment will enable a more integrated play offer for all.

Total project cost: £26,824.00

Grant awarded: £21,459.20

Pembrokeshire Pride

This project is to fund a Community Engagement Officer for Pembrokeshire Pride for 12 months initially, based in Pembroke Dock. The role will involve organising events designed by Pembrokeshire Pride in consultation with the LGBTQ+ community and providing signposting/support to LGBTQ+ individuals. The post-holder will seek funding to make the role self-sufficient.

Total project cost: £33,670.00

Grant awarded: £25,920.00

Penrhyn CiW VC School PTA

This pilot will enhance the current ‘extra’ activities run by volunteers and develop a framework for the long-term provision of formal After School Care Club, which will be complementary to the new curriculum. It will provide valuable and essential childcare for working parents and create links with the wider community.

Total project cost: £9,700.00

Grant awarded: £7,760.00

Pencaer Community Council

This project will employ a part-time community link officer tasked with building relationships across the community, developing and implementing a communications and events strategy, and the creation, publication and distribution of a community magazine. It will help create connection, belonging and improve wellbeing across the area.

Total project cost: £12,787.50

Grant awarded: £10,100

Pembroke Town Walls Trust

The applicant seeks to regenerate Pembroke’s north walls. They will involve, engage and inform the community, train local volunteers and apprentices to carefully clear and restore them, safeguard biodiversity in the LNR through a phased long-term approach, work in partnership with local stakeholders, and run a programme of events and information.

Total project cost: £22,516.19

Grant awarded: £15,723.27

Pembroke 21C Community Association Ltd

The project is to undertake the necessary repairs to the exterior of Foundry House. This will help maintain the fabric of the Foundry House building secure the future activities of 21C, St Oswald’s Community Garden and Holyland Wood

Total project cost: £13,405.46

Grant awarded: £10,454.96

Pembroke Cricket Club

The project is to replace the current wooden balustrades of the main balcony viewing area with a glass surround to improve visibility of the playing surface. This will help attract more members and sponsorship and ensure the clubs future sustainability.

Total project cost: £2,475.00

Grant awarded: £1,980.00

Pembroke Dock Coastal Communities The Tall Ships (Wales) Trust

The Pembroke Dock Coastal Communities Project will offer an inclusive multigenerational programme of maritime, heritage, cultural and educational events with a particular focus on Seafair Haven. This volunteer led project will enhance community vibrancy and help reduce isolation in Pembroke Dock. It will enhance tourism opportunities, increase footfall to local businesses and engage support from second home owners.

Total project cost: £24,150.00

Grant awarded: £14,040.00

Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre

Gaining nationally recognised museum accreditation will improve the standard and quality of the visitor experience, giving the Centre a more stable and sustainable financial future. It will strengthen its role in providing opportunities within the wider communities of Pembroke Dock and Pembroke. Employing specialists to deliver accreditation and train existing staff and volunteers to improve standards is essential to the Centre’s future.

Total project cost: £19,675.00

Grant awarded: £15,740.00

Pembroke Dock Town Team

The applicant seeks funding for a Town Champion / Community Engagement Officer for the Town Team. The Town Champion will help to develop and deliver identified projects, secure funding, recruit and support volunteers. The role will work towards a position of self-sufficiency.

Total project cost: £21,230.00

Grant awarded: £15,650.00

West Wales Maritime Heritage Society – Pembroke Dock

To build a shelter enabling the restoration and exhibition of the historic Charterhouse lifeboat in the Maritime Heritage museum at Pembroke Dock. Subsequent restoration work will provide satisfying work and skills development for volunteers. The lifeboat situated on the dock will attract visitors, focus pride for residents, and educate young people.

Total project cost: £14,390.00

Grant awarded: £11,500.00

Puncheston Community Council

The project will renovate the village green, enhancing it to become a welcoming, community hub, which will be accessible to all. The boundary wall and path is cracked which is a health and safety concern, the fence and two benches need replacing, with the addition of a picnic bench.

Total project cost: £10,235.00

Grant awarded: £8,188.00

Rosemarket Village Hall

This project is to enhance the hall by adding kitchen facilities and audio visual equipment / capability both of which are designed to bring additional vibrancy to the community. It will also add CCTV and intruder alarm capability to give additional security for the building.

Total project cost: £14,488.64

Grant awarded: £11,590.91

Rudbaxton Community Association

This project will replace existing playground equipment which is broken, damaged and unsafe, with modern versions of the equipment that the young children can engage with and enjoy.

Total project cost: £31,542.00

Grant awarded: £14,531.00

Saundersfoot Bowls Club

The project will improve accessibility around the Saundersfoot green with an enhanced concrete pathway, suitable for all levels of mobility and to replace the aged and dilapidated perimeter fencing and gates to the green and club house. The access and security of the green is critical to enable the club to promote the facilities for residents, second home owners and visitors.

Total project cost: £35,213.10

Grant awarded: £28,170.48

Saundersfoot Chamber for Tourism

The applicant will provide the infrastructure, training and social media provision to sustain and relaunch the Saundersfoot Programme of Village Major Events.

Total project cost: £49,555.00

Grant awarded: £36,243.98

Saundersfoot Community Council

The 'recycled playground' project will replace the existing, deteriorating children’s playground in the heart of the village with a new, exciting facility using recycled materials and incorporating a child-friendly recycling provision. Equipment will be provided to appeal to a range of ages and abilities to allow all children to have a 21st Century space to play.

Total project cost: £31,996.00

Grant awarded: £25,000.00

Saundersfoot Cricket Club – Saundersfoot Football Club

This project will facilitate the purchase of a mower and roller; essential for the maintenance, of the largest green space in the village of Saundersfoot, supporting the cricket and football clubs green recreational areas and activities.

Total project cost: £44,394.00

Grant awarded: £35,515.20

Saundersfoot - Regency Hall Community Centre

The project is to purchase 50 new easy to clean and sanitise stacking chairs for the Hall. These will replace older, damaged chairs and fabric covered chairs. They also wish to replace the Solar Panel Inverter and Optimisers, which have been unusable since 2018.

Total project cost: £7,446.82

Grant awarded: £5,957.46

Saundersfoot Play Group

The applicant wants to expand the childcare provision which they currently offer to enable local parents to access the Welsh Government's 30 hour funded childcare by offering, in cooperation with Saundersfoot School, an all-day wrap-around playschool and day care service.

Total project cost: £19,668.39

Grant awarded: £12,631.39

Saundersfoot Bowls Club

Saundersfoot Bowls Club is seeking funding for the purchase of a new mower to replace the existing mower which is old and no longer fit for purpose. Regular cutting is essential to enable the green to be available to be played upon by members, the wider community, 2nd home owners and visitors.

Total project cost: £13,980.00

Grant awarded: £11,184.00

 Saundersfoot Community Council

The project is to provide an enhanced green space area for a range of ages and abilities and improved opportunities for integration of existing families and second home owning families. This area of the Village is the hub of Community life. It will complete the offer of the regeneration of Saundersfoot Harbour and Visitors Centre which are within close proximity of the Sensory Garden.

The Garden is one of the only green spaces left within the centre of the village. There are several areas of that are deteriorating and require replacing with materials that will have longevity and are of good construction while considering the environment and aesthetics. The replacement-raised beds will take into consideration the ideas presented to the Council by members of the public and other relevant local bodies.

Total project cost: £10,250.00

Grant awarded: £8,200.00

 Saundersfoot Playgroup and Daycare

The Play Group have been invited to relocate to a space within Saundersfoot Primary School which will be more sustainable and enable them to set up an after school club. This project is to support their relocation, and enable them to fit out the space with childcare equipment, kitchen and bathroom storage and safety items necessary for 2-4 year olds. They also require a storage shed and additional outdoor play equipment.

Total project cost: £8,688.41

Grant awarded: £6,285.06

Saundersfoot Sailing Club

The project is to fund the cost of the two new safety boats (RIBs) along with associated safety equipment to kit out the boats such as trailers, VHF radios and buoyancy aids.  This will improve the club rescue/safety provision so it is safe, reliable and fit for purpose.  Safety boats are used for supporting club members whilst on the water during normal club activities but also for safety and rescue provision at events organised within the local community.  New boats would also enable them to support a wider set of events and training activities.

Total project cost: £35,162.72

Grant awarded: £27,810.18

Saundersfoot New Year’s Swim

The applicant has identified through lessons learnt in 2018 a focal point for participants is needed on the beach. This will ensure that all communication to participants is delivered from a visible location. They have also identified that swimmers need to be more effectively segregated from spectators, so that swimmers have priority when leaving the beach.

Total project cost: £2,858.99

Grant awarded: £2,287.19

Saundersfoot New Years Swim

This project is to improve the standards of health and safety at the Saundersfoot New Year’s Swim by adding the following items:

  1. A base for swimmers who have not previously registered.
  2. Safety barriers that reach the water's edge, so that spectators are not able to mingle with the swimmers.

Total project cost: £2,420.00

Grant awarded: £1,900.00

Saundersfoot – Tenby Memory Café

To promote Saundersfoot as a Dementia Friendly Community in a positive and proactive way.

Total project cost: £8,510.00

Grant awarded: £6,760.00

Saundersfoot Community Council

The project is to introduce solar powered electronic driver feedback signs on several of the roads leading into the centre of the village. There are three main routes into Saundersfoot village and each experience issues with vehicles driving above the speed limits imposed on these roads. This should help mitigate those issues

Total project cost: £26,239.00

Grant awarded: £20,991.20

Saundersfoot Sports and Social Club

This project will provide improved changing room infrastructure to support the development of field sports in Saundersfoot, Amroth, New Hedges, Kilgetty/Begelly. This is a three year phased project with phase 1 ensuring the existing building is watertight, usable and secure.

Total project cost: £64,800.00

Grant awarded: £28,248.80

Sea Trust Wales

Sea Trust is expanding its marine wildlife monitoring work into new areas and on multiple species to raise awareness about marine life and its positive influence on well-being. Support for this project is for the provision of a project manager, volunteer training, travel costs and equipment.

Total project cost: £65,240.12

Grant awarded: £20,224.94

Scleddau Play Area

The project is to provide play equipment on the playing field in Scleddau. This will help to get families out to be more active and help strengthen community bonds. It will also encourage resident families to stay and more families to move to their community.

Total Project Cost: £7,699.00

Grant awarded: £6,159.20

Simpson Cross Activities Group

This project is to support the reopening of Simpsons Cross Community Centre and grounds to provide a social hub for residents, neighbouring villages and visitors.  Through this facility they aim to improve their community, be inclusive, move forward and support each other.

Total project cost: £21,304.99

Grant awarded:  £17,086.24

Solva Community Council

The development of the Solva AFC Clubhouse - The Shearwater Community Centre is planned in two phases. This application is to support phase 1, the purchase of the clubhouse and parking area. Phase 2 will be to refurbish the Shearwater Community Centre.

Total project cost: £25,880.00

Grant awarded: £20,704.00

Solva Community Council

Developing a safe and fit-for-purpose play park that will benefit the well-being of families who take their children to play there. This will contributes to a self-sustained and vibrant community and the negative impacts of second homes. One play item must be replaced urgently for safety reasons identified by PCC.

Total project cost: £13,628.20

Grant awarded: £10,910.56

Solva Community Council

This project is to upgrade the ‘Gamlin’ play area by adding a number of key pieces of play equipment. A well-maintained play park has far-reaching community benefits and this in the centre of the village is a well-used amenity.

Total project cost: £26,660.00

Grant awarded: £21,328.00

Solva Care

The project will build on the social support given by Solva Care Charity, extending their services to deliver Domiciliary Care Services across the St Davids peninsular. They will collaborate and partner with the registered and established Neyland Domiciliary Care Community Interest Company (CIC) which takes referrals from PCC social services care listings.   

Total project cost: £9,087.36

Grant awarded: £7,269.89

St Davids Caerhys Organic Community Agriculture (COCA)

Caerhys Farm Caerhys Organic Community Agriculture (COCA) is a scheme supported by and for, the local community. Fifty COCA member families share organic food grown in partnership with local farmers. This Project is to refurbish Cartref, a straw bale building which is the practical and social centre of COCA. Planning permission has been considered and the lease allows the development.

Total project cost: £9,760.00

Grant awarded: £7,750.00

St Davids City Council

The applicant will install solar panel safety lighting at the skate facilities and outdoor fitness equipment at Waunfawr playing field. The site being developed has been agreed via community consultation, however street lighting terminates just before the site. This is proving problematic during winter months. For the site to be used year round and for longer access the applicant has identified this project, the installation of 3 solar panel safety lights. These lights would be energy efficient, powered by the sun and require no manual operation as they are activated by light sensors.

Total project cost: £5,420.00

Grant awarded: £4,336.00

St Davids Porthmawr Surf Life Saving Club

The applicant is seeking funding for installation costs for a projector and screen to enable them to run lifesaving and first aid courses from their clubhouse. These courses include National Vocation Beach Lifeguards, Nippers and Juniors Beach Lifesaver, First Aid at Work, RLSS Community Defib and RNLI Lifeguard induction training.

Total project cost: £949.99

Grant awarded: £760.00 

St Davids Rugby Football Club

This project is to replace the existing old boiler with a new more efficient model. This will make the facility more inviting and welcoming to engage more all year around community activity.

Total project cost: £17,860.00

Grant awarded: £14,288.00

St Davids Shalom House

The applicant has identified the provision of replacement Arjo Therapy Bath for access to patient hygiene and therapy services, patient wellbeing and assistance to carers who may struggle to bathe patients adequately at home. New boiler / heating and water system for energy efficiency and provision of increased hygiene services.

Total project cost: £29,884.27

Grant awarded: £23,907.00

St Davids Cathedral Festival

The group run a classical and contemporary music festival bringing notable musicians to St David’s. 2022 will introduce a new year-round St David’s Community Choir, develop an event industry work experience for young people, and pilot a St David’s Prom bringing the whole community together around the Queen’s Jubilee.

Total project cost: £165,300.00

Grant awarded: £42,300.00

St Davids City Council

The installation of a pump track at the playing field will allow people to safely access the already popular and well used skate facilities and fitness equipment all year round.

Total project cost: £39,787.00

Grant awarded: £28,936.00

St Davids Festival of Ideas

The Festival’s purpose is to initiate dialogue and debate, that positions St Davids as a centre of innovation and action on climate, politics, society and community solutions to global issues. Following the 2021 online festival, they have attracted speakers and participants to an event in March 2022.

Total project cost: £14,493.40

Grant awarded: £6,993.40

St Davids Festival of Ideas

This Project is to host a three-day bilingual Festival, with national speakers, food, sport and music events. It is expected that up to 900 people will attend from across the UK and locally. It will extend the local tourist season, and stimulate ideas to contribute to the national conversation about society, wellbeing, culture and the economy. 

Total project cost: £39,352.00

Grant awarded: £13,404.00

St Davids Car Y Mor

The project is to fund a Manager, staff and marketing costs for a new Seafood House is St Davids that Car Y More are about to open. This facility will provide a community space, shop, and educational hub. It will complement the new Regenerative Ocean Farm which they have deployed in Ramsey Sound, where they are growing sustainable seaweed, oysters, scallops, and mussels

Total project cost: £29,150.00

Grant awarded: £15,500.00

St Davids Shalom House

The project is to offer overnight hospice respite care to 5 individuals, monthly for 5-months over the year. The funding will cover additional costs as respite periods require 24 hour care Monday - Friday. This will help to reduce social isolation, that is very often exacerbated by second home ownership give support to families and carers and avoid unplanned hospital admissions.

Total project cost: £21,246.00

Grant awarded: £15,589.50

St Dogmaels AFC

The project will employ specialist contractors to provide drainage on the St Dogmaels School playing field ensuring more prolonged use by community throughout the year.

Total project cost: £8,500.00

Grant awarded: £6,500.00

St Dogmaels Ffrindiau Ysgol Llandudoch

This project will enable pupils from Ysgol Llandudoch to invite local groups, clubs, families and the wider community to experience outdoor learning in the local community orchard and beach. Connecting with the local environment will benefit the health and wellbeing of participants and encourage a self-sustained and close community. It will also provide opportunities to bring community members of all ages together to help restore vibrancy back to St Dogmaels.

Total project cost: £8,439.08

Grant awarded: £7,545.51

St Dogmaels Village Show

The applicant has observed that a number of entries from some sections of the community are under-represented at their St Dogmaels Village Show. They are therefore seeking funding to develop work-shops, prior to the show, targeted towards specific show categories to encourage wider engagement and increase entrants to the event.

Total project cost: £1,077.48

Grant awarded: £861.98

St Dogmaels White Hart Community Inn

The project is to purchase the 250 year old ‘White Hart’ as the last traditional pub in St Dogmaels. The WHCI Committee aims to reinstate the pub as a community‐owned facility. The acquisition will contribute to the local economy, enhance the sense of community and establish a focal point for village life.

Total project cost: £257,600.00

Grant awarded: £25,000.00

Poppit Sands Surf Lifesaving Club, St Dogmaels

This project is to extend and enhance the services they provide to both their members and the wider community. An Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) will improve the continuity of their provision, further extend the skillset of the members and promote a healthy, self-sustained and vibrant community of St. Dogmaels

Total project cost: £18,529.00

Grant awarded: £14,823.20

Yr Hen Ysgol, St Dogmaels

The project is to enhance the Yr Hen Ysgol Neuadd Hall as a local heritage building and living working museum for future generations.

Total project cost: £33,520.52

Grant awarded: £26,816.42

St Florence Community Council

The project will develop the St Florence play area to support children to learn and develop through play. The current St Florence village play facilities are in need of repair and upgrade. By working together to rejuvenate them, the project will help children to develop important skills for the future and help support the building blocks of well-being in the community.

Total project cost: £16,357.64

Grant awarded: £13,064.82

St Nicholas Village Hall Association

The project will undertake building improvement and maintenance work to St Nicholas Village Hall. It will focus on two main elements; heating and ventilation, and redecoration. This will help encourage further community use, maximise community engagement, and provide fresh impetus post-Covid to strengthen community cohesion and wellbeing.

Total project cost: £15,484.00

Grant awarded: £10,136.00

St Ishmaels Coastlands School Parents and Teachers Association

This project will renovate and add to outdoor play equipment in school. Quality opportunities for children to play are known to raise achievement and promote well-being both physical and emotional. A well-equipped school, more attractive to families will encourage residence in school catchment area and therefore enhance the sustainability of the catchment villages.

Total project cost: £15,786.00

Grant awarded: £9,000.00

St Ishmaels Sports and Social Club

This project will replace the current poor and inefficient lighting with low energy LED to provide a much enhanced experience for all hall users, along with a sound system for the various activities held at the club.

Total project cost: £2,983.77

Grant awarded: £2,500.00

St Ishmaels Sports and Social Club

Provide an outdoor focal area for the children and community with a safe inclusive play area for up to 15 year olds.

Total project cost: £17,072.40

Grant awarded: £12,000.00

Templeton Community Council

This project will provide resources at the community’s heart and will enhance their local social and recreational facilities. It will boost the strengths and vibrancy of the community and provide an attractive place for people to live, learn, work and socialise.

Total project cost: £5,174.11

Grant awarded: £4,140.00

Tall Ships (Wales) Trust

The Tall Ships (Wales)Trust aim to deliver community Tall Ship activities at Hobbs Point and Milford Haven Waterway. As part of this they are offering a Sail Training voyage to Saundersfoot where participants will take part in community events to celebrate the launch of the Coastal Schooner Maritime Heritage Centre and the Wales International Coastal Centre at Saundersfoot Harbour.

Total project cost: £34,840.00

Grant awarded: £27,872.00

Tenby De Valence Pavilion Trust

The project will upgrade the sound/stage lighting system to meet the requirements of acts that perform at the venue. It will help the De Valence increase their program of events, ensure more flexibility and availability for future bookings and future sustainability.

Total project cost: £88,282.59

Grant awarded: £64,482.59

Tenby Museum and Art Gallery

The applicant will employ a community engagement and events coordinator to work with the local community to develop the museum and its collection focusing upon the development of a cohesive and vibrant community. The new post holder will undertake talks, develop events and activities providing year round social engagement and volunteering opportunities. The year round social engagement will encourage skill development and a sense of well-being through volunteering actives. Additional events throughout the year will support the off-season visitor economy to a coastal town affected by the dominance of second homes.

Total project cost: £30,000.00

Grant awarded: £25,000.00

Tenby AFC Clickets Car Park

The Project is to improve access to the existing car park, removing hazards and resurfacing to make it suitable for the club and wider community use. Designated disabled parking will be included in the works to meet the needs of the users. Existing lighting will also be improved to meet safety concerns

Total project cost: £31,910.00

Grant awarded: £25,528.00

Friends of Tenby Greenhill School

A free outdoor gym will improve the physical and mental health of the Tenby community, inclusive to all ages and abilities. It will be positioned with a view over Caldey Island and accessible throughout the school day for pupils and during evenings and school holidays for the locals.

Total project cost: £40,810.70

Grant awarded: £32,648.56

Tenby Sailing Club

The Project is to provide a fifth RIB to supplement their fleet of 4 other ribs to provide the recommended and required safety cover for events with a ratio of 1:10 safety RIBs to sailing dinghy. This will also give them the capacity to assist with other organisations events. 

Total project cost: £70,941.58

Grant awarded: £56,752.27

Tenby - The Tenby Talking Newspaper

The Tenby Talking Newspaper’s (TTN) project is to upgrade their recording equipment. This will improve their service to around 75 local people with impaired sight, offering news and information via audio extracts from the weekly Tenby Observer newspaper. This important service gives participants the chance to remain part of, and stay in touch with their community.

Total project cost: £6,550.00

Grant awarded: £5,240.00

Tenby Town Council

The project will improve disabled facilities for people living in, and visiting Tenby. It will introduce picnic tables in the harbour area with wheelchair access and the provision of two specially adapted wheelchairs will enable children and young people with mobility issues to access the beach and sea.

Total project cost: £7,288.00

Grant awarded: £4,193.00

Tenby Town Council

The project will, enhance facilities and upgrade the play experience and and increase opportunities for wheeled play and activity at the Jubilee Play Skate Park.

Total project cost: £70,895.15

Grant awarded: £46,943.79

Tenby AFC

To increase capacity for the public and disabled participants, this project is to refurbishment the clubhouse and alter existing changing rooms to provide a safe environment and re-decorate throughout. The purchase of equipment will support grounds maintenance, goal purchase and storage areas.

Total project cost: £46,725.00

Grant awarded: £38,980.00

Tenby Museum Trust

This project will employ a part-time Community Heritage Officer. The officer will manage and enhance the museum’s historic building and provisions, support local trades, liaise with heritage organisations such as PCNPA, engage with the community (physically and digitally), coordinate volunteer recruitment and management and work to develop a youth group.

Total project cost: £8,526.98

Grant awarded: £6,821.58

Tenby Museum and Arts Gallery

The Project will employ a part-time Events and Education Officer to organise a series of events and workshops for the community throughout the year and to liaise and work with local schools to create projects that will assist with the new school curriculum and increase their sense of ‘cynefin’. The post will run between May 2023 and April 2024.

Total project cost: £9,753.12

Grant awarded: £7,802.50

Tenby Surf Lifesaving Club

This project will replace their worn out specialist jet ski and purchase water marker buoys and new mannequins/first aid kit for CPR tuition. This will provide essential support a) in teaching sessions b) to provide vital safety cover for events.

Total project cost: £16,605.00

Grant awarded: £13,284.00

Tenby Town Council

To improve and enhance shared spaces across Tenby, this project will improve accessibility and enhance the local and visitor experience across the town. Improving access to places and spaces will further increase community participation and local pride.

Total project cost: £134,543.00

Grant awarded: £107,634.00

The Havens - Broad Haven Children’s Play Park - (The Havens Community Council)

The project is to upgrade part of the children's playpark in Broad Haven. The current playground is reaching the end of its recommended lifespan and a recent health and safety inspection has identified equipment that needs to be fixed or removed imminently.

Total project cost: £33,317.83

Grant awarded: £26,654.26

The Havens - Broad Haven Support the Boardwalk

The project will provide the final stage of the renovation of the accessible, safe-route-to-school, community nature trail ‘Slashpond Boardwalk’. It will support the resurfacing of the last section of existing dirt-track dust path with a low boardwalk of Gripdeck; connecting the picnic area with existing boardwalk. This will achieve a year-round, all-weather, complete circular route and an attractive leisure amenity for everyone.

Total project cost: £21,900.00

Grant awarded: £17,520.00

The Havens - Little Haven Bowen Memorial Hall Committee

This project is to provide equipment to improve the efficiency of the heating and lighting in the main hall and heating in the committee room and kitchen. They wish optimise the use of the building, utilising a currently unheated smaller room for small meetings, and make it easier and more efficient for hall users to manage payments for use of lighting and heating.

Total project cost: £5,890.00

Grant awarded: £4,712.00

The Havens Little Haven Bowen Memorial Hall Enhancement

The project will refurbish and upgrade the facilities within Little Haven Hall with the main focus on installing a new kitchen. This would modernise the current facilities to make the Hall more attractive, welcoming and user friendly.

Total project cost: £11,196.55

Grant awarded: £8,957.24

The Havens - Little Haven Short Mat Bowls Club

The project will enable the club to continue functioning despite the age and physical ability of its members by providing and electrically operated winding and storage facticity. As most of their members are 70 years and older this is proving to be a difficult and risky operation.

Total project cost: £6,006.00

Grant awarded: £4,816.80

The Havens Community Council

This project is for the development of a community Boules Pitch, access path and seating area. This will support a healthy and vibrant community with a recreation facility for all ages and abilities, and will be available to all residents and visitors.

Total project cost: £18,446.00

Grant awarded: £15,207.00

VC Gallery

This project will enable the VC Gallery to continue to operate Naafi breaks every weekday morning and develop the project in Pembroke Dock. The activity enables participants to chat and enjoy the company of other veterans and refreshments. They will focus on older veterans living in the local area to help them access digital platforms and will support these veterans with their paperwork, referrals, housing and benefits.

Total project cost: £30,677.00

Grant awarded: £20,000.00

Victoria Hall Association

The Project will repair and enhance the current play area. During Covid the play and recreation areas have experienced an increase in people using facilities.  With this, some of the play items have fallen into disrepair and need replacing. It is the communities wish to re-instate these items so users can continue to use the site at maximum enjoyment.

Total project cost: £16,799.20

Grant awarded: £20,998.80

Wiston - Clarbeston Road Association Football Club

The project will complete preparatory works ahead of construction of a planned new changing rooms/meeting room which is yet to be funded. The work will consist of removal of surplus soils, site profiling, drainage works, extension of car parking areas and preparatory work for the footprint of the future building.

Total project cost: £23,483.00

Grant awarded: £7,211.00

Windswept CIC

The applicant will run weekly watersports sessions for 30 pupils of Coastlands Primary School (years 5/6) over the summer term, followed by the opportunity to join a summer holiday programme, 18 weeks in total. During these sessions, pupils will develop valuable skills such as confidence, determination, problem solving, water safety and environmental awareness.

Total project cost: £15,940.00

Grant awarded: £12,750.00

Wolfscastle PTA

The project will increase the provision of after school care for pupils. This provision will be bilingual and linked to the curriculum and school improvement plan. It will create a social space for new and existing parents to develop their Welsh and learn about the culture of the community.

Total project cost: £2,457.00

Grant awarded: £1,021.00

Strategic Age Cmyru

Age Cymru Dyfed will promote and provide outreach services from Haverfordwest throughout Pembrokeshire. This will support older people to maintain their health and independence, and be in a stronger position to remain at home within their local community. This project will help to address the loneliness and isolation that second home ownership and empty homes can cause.

Total project cost: £96,153.00

Grant awarded: £30,433.00

Strategic Age Cmyru

The project will focus on community outreach working with other organisations and their support mechanisms. To combat the negative impacts of second home ownership on Pembrokeshire communities, they will work with the Pembrokeshire Hub to reach people in need, building their financial independence and resilience better enabling them to stay in their homes

Total project cost: £60,520.62

Grant awarded: £47,679.91

Strategic Cantabile Singers of Pembrokeshire

The choir activities will encourage community participation in isolated areas through singing. It will be beneficial to those suffering from dementia, mental health issues or loneliness, enhancing the wellbeing of all. This project is for the provision of PA equipment necessary to reach bigger audiences, performance overheads and the purchase of reusable Welsh and English song sheets to engage and support bigger audiences.

Total project cost: £2,972.00

Grant awarded: £2,377.60

Strategic Cruse Bereavement Care

The project will run free events to raise awareness and engage vulnerable older members of communities with high second home ownership. They will offer advice facing bereavement and a chance to discuss issues around death in a relaxed social atmosphere. Training will be provided in Pembrokeshire, for Bereavement Volunteers and Volunteer Supervisors, as well as delivering a programme of speakers to work with communities and volunteers.

Total project cost: £4,065.00

Grant awarded: £3,252.00

Strategic Haverfordwest Bridge Meadow Trust

This project is to install a bridge that completes a circular walking route to the North of Haverfordwest. This will improve connectivity in Haverfordwest, and provide social, health, economic and environmental benefits.

Total project cost: £79,752.00

Grant awarded: £30,752.00

Strategic Henry Tudor Trust

The project is to engage design and cultural consultants to develop the historical exhibition content for a Henry Tudor Heritage Visitor Centre in Pembroke. This will ultimately be a fully bilingual educational centre of national repute, detailing Tudor Dynasty history from its Welsh roots to the throne of England and Wales.

Total project cost: £111,900.00

Grant awarded: £81,300.00

Strategic Haverhub CIC

The project is to repurpose a Grade II listed building in Haverfordwest town centre - bringing together social, commercial, start-up, historical and leisure sectors. The project will, engage with all ages/interests in a year round town centre location. A multifaceted community project this funding application is specifically from a capital perspective for electrical and mechanical refit and to access revenue funding to employ two part time members of staff.

Total project cost: £184,000.00

Grant awarded: £79,000.00

Strategic Haverhub CIC

This project is to expand the Haverhub site through purchasing the adjoining derelict quayside warehouse. This will meet a local community demand. A riverside entrance the rear of the site will enable more flexible site usage. This acquisition will further develop this project and enable the area to reach its full potential adding to the Quayside strategic enhancement.

Total project cost: £85,000.00

Grant awarded: £70,000.00

Strategic Life Seeker CIC

Positive Living Pembrokeshire propose to sustain the wellbeing and vibrancy of communities by developing content and increasing circulation of the Life Seeker positive living digital newspaper. This free inclusive resource is designed to encourage, educate and instigate action in residents to take responsibility for nurturing their physical and mental health. Funds will be invested in creative writing, social media and technical assistance.

Total project cost: £7,680.00

Grant awarded: £1,950.00

Strategic Manorbier Giraldus Centre

Phase 1 of the Giraldus Centre provided the much needed facility providing a number of benefits for the local and wider community. This project will complete Phase 2 and will enable the facility to fully open and operate more effectively as a business, ensuring its sustainability and longevity. Included is the salary of an Operations Manager, computers, billing system, cinema screen, TV, paving the outside eating area fencing and landscaping. 

Total project cost: £134,700.00

Grant awarded: £107,000.00

Strategic Mind Pembrokeshire Ltd

In collaboration with Pinkspiration, Dyfed Powys Police, OPCC, PCC Community Safety, PCC Youth Services and others Mind are transforming an unused storeroom at Mind Pembrokeshire into a vibrant, multi functioning space. The number of people accessing their services is increasing. The centre needs to be fully accessible and this application if successful would support that.

Total project cost: £44,725.00

Grant awarded: £35,781.00

Strategic Newport Resilience Network (Pembrokeshire Plots) - Rhwydwaith Gwydn

To champion and develop allotments, encouraging new sites and community growing land. The project will develop a network, linking up existing resilience initiatives and foster self-management to help make allotments viable, sustainable and meet traditional wellbeing and environmental goals.

Total project cost: £31,925.00

Grant awarded: £25,540.00

Strategic Neyland Athletic Club CIC

Neyland CIC is developing ‘The Neyland Hub’ in partnership with over ten local community organisations and service providers including Pembrokeshire County Council, Hywel Dda University Health Board and Neyland Town Council. This Hub will co-locate statutory, community and voluntary services in modern accessible venue in Neyland. This application is to support a number of discrete elements namely a room partition to encourage maximum room occupancy and diverse usage, external works that enable enhanced accessed and environmental works to the Hub.

Total project cost: £2,346,227.00

Grant awarded: £111,317.00

Strategic Neyland Community Club CIC

This project will establish a Community Interest Care Company in Neyland Community Hub focussed initially on domiciliary care. The project will:

  • Confirm the appropriate governance / partnership arrangements
  • Obtain Registration with the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW)
  • Develop the suite of policies & procedures required both for registration and operation
  • Procure appropriate systems to enable operations to commence

Develop a strategy to ensure the organisation is appropriately positioned to respond to upcoming tender opportunities and deliver care on behalf of public sector commissioners

Total project cost: £73,298.92

Grant awarded: £46,150.00

One Voice Wales

The project will employ an officer to identify opportunities for collaboration geographically and thematically. The officer will raise awareness of what Councils do, on how to become a councillor and how ideas/issues can be raised with Community Councils. The project will ultimately focus on improving engagement, representation and inclusion in decision making and promote best practice to develop self-sustaining and vibrant communities. 

Total project cost: £46,000.00

Grant awarded: £36,000.00

Strategic Paul Sartori Foundation Limited

The “We Care: Volunteering Support” is a one year project that will improve the Paul Sartori volunteer infrastructure and support the volunteer community Pembrokeshire-wide. The project will combat issues around Second Home ownership by increasing community engagement and opportunities to connect people through training, open days, new social events and wider community outreach and communication.

Total project cost: £37,267.50

Grant awarded: £29,814.00

Strategic Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS)

To transition the Community Hub, established in response to COVID, from a temporary arrangement supported by social care staff to a sustainable model embedded within communities. It will offer a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for people requiring support in their community, offering a quality service that will connect them with local community-based solutions.

Total project cost: £425,552.00

Grant awarded: £100,761.00

Strategic Pembroke and Monkton Historical Society

The statue of William Marshal on horseback will be a life size bronze statue on a stone plinth. It will be located in by the Castle, positioned on the one way traffic system so that all visitors will see the statue as they approach the town. The applicant wants to celebrate and embrace the historical and cultural heritage of Pembroke and its strategic and historical importance to Pembrokeshire.

Total project cost: £65,960.00

Grant awarded: £30,000.00

Strategic Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum

This project ‘Ensuring Responsible Use of the Outdoors’ will recruit a support officer who will work with Pembrokeshire coastal communities, stakeholders, including conservation sector, landowners, and businesses: the work will involve the following:

  • identify/ create new ways of reaching wider audiences
  • Regular meetings/ training/ best practice events
  • creating ‘responsible use’ messages
  • facilitating individuals and businesses involved in tourism to share messaging.

Total project cost: £53,560.00

Grant awarded: £36,760.00

Strategic Pembrokeshire Indoor Bowls Club

The project is to replace the badly worn carpet in the dedicated space used by four different indoor bowls organisations at the Meads Leisure Centre. The quality of the carpet is critical to enable this sport to be played. The owner of the building does not have the financial resource to replace the carpet. Once improved the Bowls Clubs will be the primary users of this facility.

Total project cost: £24,480.00

Grant awarded: £19,584.00

Strategic Pembrokeshire Peoples First


Pembrokeshire People First will offer 10 hours of advocacy a week for a 12 month period, focusing on Financial and Housing support. The post holder will undertake 1 to 1 advocacy cases and campaign about the impact of housing issues on Pembrokeshire People First members in the county. Issues of housing and managing finance are two of the most important issues impacting clients and their support. Through a focussed 10 hour/week post they can support more clients around these particular issues.

Total project cost: £9,611.29

Grant awarded: £7,689.08

Strategic Pembrokeshire People First – 2nd Year Project

As part of the preventative agenda the Pembrokeshire People First project is to pilot the following:

  1. Specialist advocacy provision for parents with learning difficulties going through childcare provision, to minimise the likelihood of them needing services in future.
  2. Test approaches to specialist advocacy organisations working together, to maximise sustainability and retention of services in Pembrokeshire.

Total project cost: £35,929.00

Grant awarded: £28,000.00

Strategic Solva Care

The project will add to the existing successful delivery of community led help and support; co-ordination and integration with domiciliary care to secure holistic community based service; developing and delivering preventative health programme; sharing experience/learning to date with others; responding to emerging needs in the Solva community.

Total project cost: £46,555.82

Grant awarded: £34,222.06

Strategic SPAN Arts Ltd

‘Connect and create’ is a strategic pan Pembrokeshire intergeneration arts volunteering scheme, providing skills, training and accreditation in creating, producing and promoting the arts across Pembrokeshire. 200 volunteers will gain and share transferrable skills and experience work in communities and contribute to the regeneration and enrichment of life in Pembrokeshire.

Total project cost: £65,460.00

Grant awarded: £45,000.00

Span Arts Ltd – 2nd Year

Span Arts will deliver the second year of the ‘Connect and Create’ strategic two year pan Pembrokeshire intergeneration arts volunteering scheme. 200 volunteers will gain skills, training and accreditation in creating, producing and promoting the arts across Pembrokeshire. They will share transferrable skills and experience work in communities and contribute to the regeneration and enrichment of life in Pembrokeshire.

Total project cost: £63,322.29

Grant awarded: £36,113.86

Strategic Pembrokeshire Peoples First

The project is to facilitate 4 localised design groups in Crymych & Narberth, Fishguard, Haverfordwest and Milford & Pembroke. The Groups will create designs for ceramics, recycled paper and textiles products within the enterprise 'Môr'. Groups will meet regularly to take inspiration from the local surroundings, to bring communities together, develop income, employability and wellbeing while reaching out to people with Autism and Learning Difficulties

Total project cost: £56,618.00

Grant awarded: £34,000.00

Strategic Torch Theatre Company Ltd

The Torch Theatre project is to undertake urgent repair to the building following significant storm damage to the north and west facing sides of the tower in February. 2020. The work will safeguard the building and the wide range of community activities that take place within it.

Total project cost: £100,489.90

Grant awarded: £13,524.00

Strategic Tir Coed

The project is to deliver woodland, nature-based food growing and heritage skills sessions across Pembrokeshire. It will engage people in nature, outdoor volunteering and learning to improve skills to improve community spaces and biodiversity for the benefit of all and for enhanced wellbeing. The project will targeting unemployed, underemployed, isolated and disadvantaged people and support community engagement and economic regeneration

Total project cost: £50,012.00

Grant awarded: £40,010.00

Strategic Visit Pembrokeshire

This project is “This is Pembrokeshire" - developing a shared brand and narrative that sells Pembrokeshire's all year round offer through a 12 month long integrated Marketing and PR campaign.

Total project cost: £250,637.00

Grant awarded: £91,000.00



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