Emergency Planning

Community Risk Register

Emergencies are obviously something all of us hope will never happen, but if one were to occur here in Pembrokeshire we want to be as well prepared as we can be.

To help us decide where we should concentrate our efforts in emergency planning terms it is important that we continue to assess the potential risks to our County.

The importance of risk assessment is emphasised by the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 (CCA).

The CCA places a legal duty on Category 1 responders (these include the police, fire, ambulance, health, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, and Local Authorities) to undertake risk assessments and maintain them in a Community Risk Register (CCR).

Risks in this context are those things that could result in major consequences for our County. If something is categorised as a very high risk on the register it does not mean that it is very likely to happen. It means that, because of its potential consequences, it needs to be treated as a very high priority.

The Community Risk Register is the first step in an emergency planning process and it will help us and our partners ensures that the plans we develop are proportionate to the risk and ultimately help us to help you.


ID: 178, revised 11/08/2022