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Elections and Voting

Electoral Registration Canvass 2020

Impact of Covid-19 on the 2020 canvass:

The 2020 canvass will run from 1st July 2020. The annual canvas is required by law. It has not been suspended as a result of Covid-19.

When you are contacted, if you need to make a change to your registration information please respond as soon as possible, as it will help the canvass run smoothly and it means there will be no need for additional contact which is particularly important at the moment


We are required to keep our register of eligible voters up to date. From July each year, we will contact every household to find out if the details on the electoral register are correct.

Your household may be contacted by:

  • email
  • phone
  • post

If you need to update your details on the electoral register it’s important that you respond as soon as you can - this means reminders don’t have to be sent.

Please respond online if you can by following the instructions on the form you are sent.  Responding online is particularly helpful in the current public health situation. 


Please note:

The law in Wales has changed - 14 -16 year olds and qualifying foreign nationals living in Wales can now register to vote.

  • By registering to vote, a young person can now take part in Senedd elections from the age of 16
  • By registering to vote, a foreign citizen aged 16 or over, can now take part in Senedd elections

 Information leaflet: Are you 14-16 years old or a Foreign Citizen living in Wales?


There’s lots of helpful information about registering to vote on the Electoral Commision’s website 

To contact our Electoral Services Team on:  (01437) 775844


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