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Eco Champion Trail

Eco Champion Trail #8 Food Waste

Food Waste

#8 Food Waste.

Carbon is burned in the growing, processing and shipping of the food you buy. If that food then bypasses its main destination (your tummy) and ends up in a black sack dumped in landfill, it rots and releases some pretty awful gases – particularly Methane (one of the most potent and destructive greenhouse gases).

There’s a reason why landfill sites smell bad, and rotting food is the main culprit.

It doesn’t belong there.

You can recycle your food. Pembrokeshire County Council provide each home with a grey food caddie (for indoor use) and a green food bin (to leave outside on bin day EVERY WEEK). The food waste breaks down in massive bins where the harmful gasses are safely collected and burned to produce energy for home…the stuff that’s left is a compost which improves the soil that grows more food for us to enjoy.

Do you recycle your food waste?


·        The UK throws away at least £13 billion pounds worth of food each year which could have been eaten.

·        The average person throws away 74kg of food waste each year. This is the equivalent of 1077 banana skins.

·        Each UK household throws away an estimated £700 of food every year.

·        We throw away 1.4 million untouched bananas every day…1.3 million unopened yoghurts…600,000 whole uncooked eggs…1.2 million untouched sausages…20 million slices of bread.

Question #8: What value of food is thrown away by an average UK home every year?

Make a note of your answer and continue the Eco Champion Trail.

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