Dog Control

Dog Theft

Dog theft is an increasing concern for owners as high demand for dogs and puppies has seen prices soar. Dyfed Powys Police have established a taskforce to help to tackle dog thefts in the force area and are encouraging the community to report any suspicious activity or thefts.



How to report a theft, attempted theft or suspicious activity relating to buying/selling or thefts of dogs:

Online:Dyfed Powys Police - Report


Call: 101 or 999 in an emergency

For the Dog Warden please contact:

Call: 01437 764551 / 07557251669



What to do if targeted:

Please stay safe and only if possible:

  • Get a description of the individuals (note what they are wearing and their accent)
  • Capture what they are driving, registration number and any distinctive markings or features

How to keep your dogs safe:

  • Stay alert and vigilant
  • Never leave your dog alone in a car or secured outside a shop
  • If dogs are off the lead, ensure they remain nearby and have good recall
  • If your dog is expecting a litter of puppies be extra vigilant and avoid advertising on social media
  • Ensure your dog is microchipped, has up to date details and is wearing a tag with your name, phone number and address on it
  • Keep current photographs of your dogs and note any distinguishing marks
  • Having your dog neutered can help prevent theft for breeding purposes
  • Keep gardens secure to avoid escaping and prevent easy access

If you are considering purchasing a puppy or dog:

  • Check with the local authority that the breeder is licensed: Licensed breeders in Pembrokeshire
  • Check that the puppy seems well cared for, happy, alert and inquisitive
  • Always ensure you see the mother with the puppies
  • Ask for details of the father, including photographs
  • Expect the breeder to ask you questions to ensure that their puppies are going to good homes – if they don’t, be wary
  • If you have any concerns or doubts or feel that you have to ‘rescue’ the puppy, please walk away
  • Ensure you have all of the relevant paperwork including a receipt if you purchase a puppy (do not accept paperwork being sent to you afterwards)
  • Do your research before purchasing a dog or puppy – this should not be an impulse buy and you should not be pressured into parting with a deposit or any payment until you are completely comfortable

What to do if your dog goes missing:

If your dog is missing and you are unsure as to whether it is lost or has been stolen, you can contact the Dog Warden to see if we have had any sightings reported or picked it up as a stray.

Information on Lost, Found and Stray Dogs

ID: 7610, revised 23/03/2023