Dog Control

Dog Control Service

The Dog Control Service has a Statutory responsibility (which means we must do it) for dealing with stray dogs. This means that we must collect stray dogs when they are reported, to ensure the dogs are safe and also to ensure public safety and control other wider issues, such as dog fouling etc...

We employ Dog Wardens to collect and kennel stray dogs. The service is operated Monday to Friday, 9-5 where practical.

As well as collecting stray dogs from members of the public that have managed to secure them, the Wardens also try and secure other dogs that may be stray anywhere within the Council’s area. Once secured the Wardens will scan the dogs for microchips (a chip is now a legal requirement in Wales) and will endeavour to reunite the dog with its’ owner.

The Wardens will also check the dog’s collar and tag (again a legal requirement) to establish ownership and try and ensure the dog is returned home. This is not always possible however, because the Warden may be unable to establish or contact the owner. Therefore all the other dogs are taken to the Kennels to ensure they are safe and secure. Please see ‘Lost, Found and Stray Dogs’.

As well being responsible for dealing with stray dogs, the Wardens also deal with and investigate allegations around dangerous dogs, in partnership with the Dyfed Powys Police. The Wardens will also liaise with members of the public around Micro-Chipping enquiries.

The Dog Wardens are no longer directly responsible for dealing with Dog Fouling complaints. This is dealt with via the Environmental Enforcement Team along with Beach Byelaw Enforcement. 

You can contact the Dog Control Service:

Phone: 01437 764551

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