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Penfro our Pembrokeshire Chatbot

We would like to introduce you to Penfro our Pembrokeshire Chatbot

Is the information I give Penfro secure?

We have created a Privacy Notice to make sure that you stay in control of how your information is collected and retained.

So who is Penfro?

Penfro is like a virtual assistant that can communicate with you via our website and Facebook messenger service. Using artificial intelligence, Penfro learns from the questions people ask most often in order to develop quicker and better responses.

Reasons to try Penfro

  • Get information quickly and efficiently
  • Get answers to your specific question rather than having to look through a long list of information
  • No waiting in a queue for your call to be answered
  • Available 24/7
  • By dealing with simpler queries e.g. how do I report a missed bin collection? This will release some of our Contact Centre Team’s time, so that they can deal with customers that have more complex queries and issues

Be patient with Penfro

Penfro is always learning, and has been programmed with some key information to start with, but the more you use Penfro the more opportunities there are for Penfro to learn and become better at answering your questions.

In order to help Penfro have a think about the way you might word your question. Try and use key words in your question when you can to help Penfro run a new search.

If Penfro isn’t able to answer your question, it will be passed directly to our Customer Service Centre Team.




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