Daily Living Aids

Visual Impairment



Boil Over Disc

Prevent liquids from boiling over with this simple and effective stainless steel disc. Just place in the centre of your pan to ensure that your liquids don't boil over!


 Liquid Level Indicator

Sounds an alarm to stop overfilling a mug or cup.


Indoor Motion Sensitive Light

Indoor Motion Sensitive Light

Turns on when movement is detected at night and reduces the risk of falls

Glow Bowl


A motion activated light that aids locating the toilet during the night.

Motion Sensitive Bulb

Interior Motion Sensitive Bulb

Absolutely no wiring or setting up required, just remove your existing bulb and replace with this one. Some bulbs also have a Daylight Override Sensor - meaning that they will only activate when there is insufficient natural light present.

Touch Lamp

Touch Lamp

Simply touch the lamp to turn it on and off. Great for use at night time when getting in and out of bed.

ID: 4575, revised 21/02/2022