Daily Living Aids



Four Wheeled Walker

Four Wheeled Rollator

Rollators are designed to provide support and assistance for people who are unsteady on their feet or who lack the confidence to walk without some level of support. Four Wheel Rollators offer superb stability and often come with helpful seats and bags or baskets.

Large Wheeled Walker

Large Wheeled Rollator

This design of walker has larger front wheels than the rear and are advertised as making it easier to manage changes in levels (e.g. pavement kerbs) and of a light construction.

Walking Frame

Walking Frame

Designed to help support and steady you when you’re walking.

Half Step

Half Step

A lightweight movable step that reduces the height of a threshold.

Bigfoot Half Step

Bigfoot Half Step You Tube

A lightweight movable step that designed to halve the height between the door and the ground. Ideal for those who need to gain balance on a larger surface before stepping onto the ground. Moulded feet offer adjustability to make the step even on uneven ground and hand rails can be purchased separately to provide additional support.

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