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Grip & Holding

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Magnetic Shirt Fasteners

A shirt that incorporates special hidden magnets along front panel that fasten effortlessly and removes the need to struggle with buttons.


Velcro Belt

Velcro Belt

Having difficulty tightening a belt? Or experiencing urgency to go to the toilet? This belt may be helpful.

Zip Grip

Zip Grip

Do you have trouble with fiddly zips? The Zip Grip gives you something large to hold onto so it's a real help for weak or painful fingers. Attaching the Zip Grip to your zip couldn't be easier. Just insert the Zip Grip peg through your zip hole, fold, snap shut and get zipping!


Steering Ball

Steering Wheel Ball

Designed to help take the physical strain out of driving, steering wheel knobs are easy to fit. In most cases, it’s a case of simply clipping the knob to the inner rim of the steering wheel, then tightening a screw and nut.  With the steering wheel knob fitted correctly and securely, the driver will be able to turn the steering wheel through a full 360 degrees without having to take their hand away. This makes driving, parking and general manoeuvring in your vehicle become effortless, and safer.


Eating & Drinking
Adapted Cutlery

Adapted Cutlery

If you have difficulty holding metal cutlery there are lots of options including shaped, bendable and soft touch handles as well as cutlery with straps.

Travel Mug

Travel Mug

Has a lid so that there is less likely to cause a spillage if it is dropped. Also less likely to smash if dropped.

Duo Cup Holder

Duo Cup Holder

Slides onto the side of your favourite mug to enable you to hold your mug with two hands.

Kitchen Trolley

Kitchen Trolley

Ideal for transporting meals and other items in the kitchen or other rooms in the home if you have a weak grip or struggle carrying.


Remote Control Sockets

Remote Control Sockets

Reduce risk of falls by connecting plugs too hard to reach sockets (e.g. behind TV)

Plug pull

Plug Pull You Tube

Struggling to push or pull your plugs into or from it's socket? This gadget folds around the back of your plug so that you are able to both push and pull the plug to and from the socket easily.


Dolley Clothes Peg

Dolly Clothes Peg

Takes away the need to squeeze a clothes peg.                     

Easy Grip Garden Fork

Easi Grip Garden Fork

Ergonomically designed to keep your hand and wrist in a natural position for maximum comfort


Pill Bottle Opener

Pill Bottle Opener

Promotes independence to continue to take medications. Some models include a magnifying glass.

Pill Popper

Pill Popper

Aids removing pills from the original foil packaging.


Meal Preparation
Kettle Tipper

Kettle Tipper 

Can reduce the risk of burns or injury if you have difficulty lifting a kettle by placing a secured tilting plate underneath the kettle (or kettle base for cordless kettles).

Instant Water Boiler

One Cup Kettle You Tube

Simply fill the jug with cold water, turn it on and hot water is instantly available – 24 hours a day at the touch of a single button!  No need to lift a heavy kettle.

Travel Kettle

Travel Kettle

Small and lighter than a usual kitchen kettle.

One Touch Jar Opener Watch You Tube Video

Simply place on top of the jar and press the button to take the strain from opening jars.

One Touch Can Opener You Tube

Takes the strain out of opening tin cans.

Universal Jar Opener

Universal Jar and Bottle Opener You Tube

With a large handle for increased leverage, this is ideal for opening jars and bottles of different sizes if you have reduce grip strength.

Under Cabinet Jar Opener

Under Cabinet Jar Opener You Tube

Fixed under a surface such as kitchen cabinet and with a non-slip lining this device enables people with reduced hand function or weak grip to open jars and bottles of varying sizes more easily.

Rubber Cap

Rubber Cap You Tube

Can be used to aid opening of jars and bottles in conjunction with an anti-slip mat for added stability.

One Touch Bottle Opener

One Touch Bottle Opener

This automatic opener fits all bottle tops. Place the bottle opener on the bottle and put the clamps against the cap. With a simple push of a button the bottle opener engages the cap and twists it open.

Spill Not

Non slip material grips a wide range of jars and bottles securely.  Suitable for one handed use.

J Hook

Ring Pull Can Opener You Tube

Ideal for people who suffer with arthritis with a large handle ideal for users with poor grip.  Little effort required, simple operation and keeps hands away from sharp edges.

Cupboard Drawer Bin

Kitchen Scrap Trap

Simply scrape your waste trimmings into the bin rather than trying to pick them up.

Food Preparation Board

Food Preparation Board

A durable cutting board ideal for those who have difficulty in gripping, or only have the use of one hand. The clamp can fix items such as tins or bowls, and the stainless steel spikes keep vegetables still when peeling or cutting. It has four non-slip rubber feet to prevent the board from moving and provide additional safety. Suction pads are also provided for use on wet surfaces.

Single Handed Spreader Board

One Handed Spreader Board

This very neatly designed board will lie flat on a table or work surface to provide a useful and secure base for spreading butter, jam and other foods on toast, bread, crisp-breads and similar items. Ideal for many elderly or disabled individuals, and a very simple way to improve a users independence.

Electric Food Chopper

Electric Mini Food Chopper You Tube

A common device for chopping and dicing a varirety of foods. 

Manual Food Chopper

Manual Food Chopper Watch You Tube Video

Mix, chop, puree and blend safely and simply with the pull of a chord!

Electric Peeler

Electric Peeler Watch You Tube Video

This device holds and peels round shaped fruit and vegetables such as apples and potatoes.

Easy Grip Knife

Easi Grip Knife

Provides a comfortable grip in either hand. Keeps the hand and wrist in a neutral stress free position.

Chef Palm Peeler

Chef Palm Peeler You Tube

Fits snugly in the palm of either your left or right hand to peel fruit and vegetables.

Anti-Slip Mat

Anti Slip Mat You Tube 

Different sized mats can be used around the home on kitchen tops to aid opening jars and bottles, chopping food, on meal trays or as an anti-slip floor mat when transferring from sit to stand.  Also available as a roll which can be cut into the exact size you require.

Dice Express

Chopper Dicer You Tube 

There are various products on the market which make chopping and dicing vegetables and fruit easier and safer.


Mezzaluna You Tube 

An alternative to cutting and preparing food if you have difficulty holding a traditional kitchen knife this tool allows you to use two hands in a rocking motion.

Milk Bottle Pourer

Milk Bottle Pourer

Co-ordinated to match the type of milk (e.g. Green for Semi-Skimmed) this fits most plastic milk bottles & different sizes making it easier access to milk for some of the elderly & disabled.  No more repeated unscrewing & re-screwing of the plastic bottle top.



Holds your mixing bowl still while you cook. Simply place your bowl on top of the Staybowlizer and press down to suction to the table or work surface. No need to hold onto the bowl while you're beating eggs or whipping cream, it stays firmly in place.  Suitable for bowls of most sizes, it's also useful in keeping your meal securely on the table as you eat.

Cooking Basket

Cooking Basket

By using this cooking basket the contents of the pan can be removed easily and safely by the user without also having to lift the entire weight of the pan itself, thereby reducing the need for strenuous effort and minimising the risk of scalds, burns and accidents.

Easy Grip Saucepan

Eazi®Grip Saucepan

Do you find it difficult to lift heavy saucepans? Eazi®grip cookware has been scientifically proven to make lifting easier, safer and more comfortable. The handle is set at a 42° angle to encourage a safe, supported holding position. As you lift, your wrist automatically stays straight and you use the muscles in your forearm to support the weight thereby reducing strain on the hands and wrists. Uniquely, the lid has two inbuilt straining filters.

Pan Handle Holder

Pan Handle Holder

A slot for the handle of a pan keeps the pan stable and immobile whilst the contents are being stirred. The pan handle holder is therefore ideal for one-handed cooking as well as being an excellent kitchen safety aid that helps to prevent the risks of spills and scalds. The holder attaches very easily and securely to most surfaces by means of simple suction cups, so tools and adhesives are not required.

Two Handled Pan

Two Handled Pan

Do you find it difficult to lift heavy pans?  Using two hands to lift and carry a pan reduces the risk of injury and scolds by distributing the weight more evenly into both hands.



A lightweight replacement to heavy saucepans and a healthy way to prepare fish or vegetables

Egg Cooker

Egg Cooker

A quick and easy way to boil or poach eggs with various sizes and cooking times available.  Microwave egg cookers are also available.


Book seat

Bean Bag Book Rest

Finding holding a book difficult? Then rest it on this cushion.


Key Turner

Key Turner You Tube

Do you have difficulty holding and turning a key in a lock? Then this device may help by giving you a larger hold.

Key Wing

Key Wing You Tube

Find, grip and turn keys with ease. Handy for anyone, and perfect for those with arthritis or weak hands.

Plastazote Foam Tubing

Plastazote Foam Tubing

Transforms the handles of cutlery, pens or tools to make them instantly easy to grip. It is constructed from closed cell foam, which is comfortable to touch but durable, non-sticky and easy to wash. Different sizes are available to ensure a good fit around your desired items.

Tap Levers

Tap Levers

Can be fitted over either crosshead or crystal taps to help turning bathroom and kitchen taps.

Knob Turner

Universal Knob Turner You Tube

Can be fitted over any control that needs to be turned (e.g. cooker, microwave or gas fire controls)


Personal Care
Electric Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Having difficulty pressing down on a soap dispenser? This item will detect movement and automatically dispense soap without touching it.

Table Nail Clippers

Table Top Nail Clippers

Finding holding nail clippers difficult? Simply place these clippers on a flat surface to cut your nails. Can be helpful for one-handed use.

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