Access and Eligibility

Access to Cynnydd is dependent on:

  • Meeting the eligibility criteria determined by the project. There are three eligibility indicators - poor attendance, poor behaviour and poor attainment.
  • Pupils must be registered with and be on the roll of a Local Authority Secondary School / Special Unit
  • Categorised as Red through the Vulnerable Assessment Profile (VAP).The VAP is an assessment tool that measures the likelihood of disengagement from education using hard indictors which produce a vulnerability score.
  • Discussed at TAPPAS (Team Around Pupil Parent and Setting). TAPPAS panels are multi agency meetings that take place in every LA Secondary School / Special Unit every term. All pupils identified as being at risk of disengagement are discussed and potential additional support is identified to meet their needs. Cynnydd provision provides one area of support that may be offered.
  • Access to PCC’s Cynnydd Programme can only be made via a referral from the school after having gone through the assessment process.

If you feel you or your child would benefit from having access to the additional support Cynnydd can provide and you believe you meet any of the eligibility criteria please discuss this with school staff who can help you determine if Cynnydd support is an option for you.

ID: 4104, revised 08/11/2021