Customer Service

Our Mission Statement

As an organisation we have a clear sense of purpose:

Working together to improve lives in Pembrokeshire

Our work towards this goal is underpinned by three principles:

1. Customer focus

Our customers are the reason we exist. We will aim to deliver a joined up service for our customers. Wherever possible we will avoid repeating requests for information and ensure that their demands for service are not needlessly passed around the organisation.

2. Value

We manage our budget carefully and have a track record of delivering high quality services. We will aim to continue to do this by making prudent choices, by living within our means and by stripping out unnecessary process and waste.

3. One team

We will work hard to ensure that internal structures do not inhibit our ability to deliver a joined up service to the customer. We are committed to the continued development of effective partnerships with voluntary, private and public sector organisations within and out of the county. We recognise the key role such partnerships have in helping to secure the efficient and effective delivery of services for the future.

ID: 584, revised 14/01/2019