Corporate Strategy 2023-2028

Sustainable Communities

A6- We will support our communities, maintaining positive relationships with them to help to build active, resourceful, connected, sustainable and creative communities

Contribution to national well-being goals

We consider that our sustainable communities well-being objective will make a particular contribution to the following national well-being goals:

  • A Wales of cohesive communities.
  • A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language.
  • A globally responsible Wales.


  • The response to the COVID-19 pandemic showed the strength and power of community action.  This needs to be maintained and strengthened to ensure our communities become even more sustainable, resourceful and resilient.
  • The new PSB Well-being Plan has a specific objective to “enable safe, connected, resourceful and diverse communities”. As a key partner on the PSB we are committed to mainstreaming this in our activities.
  • The Asset Management Plan adopted by Cabinet at its February 2023 meeting sets Resilient Communities as its fourth theme, and sets an objective to support local communities to take more control of land and property.
  • Evidence shows that Pembrokeshire’s community sector, be it the third sector or its 77 Town and Community Councils is one of its key strengths.

What we are going to do

Community decision-making: Involving communities and citizens more meaningfully in local decision-making.
  • Provide leadership to improve the effectiveness and impact of the Public Services Board.
  • Enhance democratic participation, increase diversity and boost trust.
Collaboration with communities: Shifting the traditional public services top-down ways of working, to more collaborative approaches which involve both our partner agencies and communities as essential partners.
  • Promote a volunteering culture within PCC so that we lead by example.
  • Build a better understanding of our communities using data and local insights.
  • Seek assurance that the investments we make are the right ones, while recognising that the impact will be long-term.
  • Step up our engagement with Town and Community Councils.
  • Connect the good intentions and resources of PCC with local know-how and community activism.
Building community capacity, capability and confidence: Helping to equipping communities with the resources and skills they need to genuinely participate in local action.
  • Enable our communities to become more resourceful.
  • Reduce bureaucracy and increase flexibility, especially with regards to the Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant and Community Asset Transfer.
Work with partners to ensure successful resettlement of people from Ukraine to Pembrokeshire.
ID: 10911, revised 06/10/2023