Corporate Strategy 2023-2028


A3- We will enable the delivery of affordable, available, adaptable and energy efficient homes

Contribution to national well-being goals

We consider that our housing well-being objective will make a particular contribution to the following national well-being goals:

  • A prosperous Wales.
  • A resilient Wales.
  • A healthier Wales.
  • A more equal Wales.
  • A Wales of cohesive communities.
  • A globally responsible Wales.


  • Evidence shows that good quality housing is one of the main pillars of well-being.
  • Pembrokeshire, like many other counties, is experience an acute shortage of affordable housing which is resulting in a steep increase in homelessness.
  • We will not deliver on our ambitions around climate change unless we improve the energy efficiency of homes as 38% of electricity usage in the UK is from domestic users.  This means we need to address the carbon footprint of all housing in Pembrokeshire, including specific duties to make our own stock carbon neutral by 2033.
  • We are producing a new housing strategy to meet the challenges of this agenda.

What we are going to do

Increase the supply of affordable homes to meet identified need.
  • Accelerate housing delivery as well as work with partners to increase the range of affordable housing projects including the development of Community Land Trusts (CLTs) and making available smaller plots of Council land for those seeking self-build opportunities.
  • Directly develop up to 300 new build housing units by 2027 together with progressing with the development of our older people's sheltered housing and supported living provision.
  • Work with colleagues in Regeneration to make our town centres great places to live once again through tackling the scourge of long-term empty properties.
Prevent and alleviate homelessness.
  • Work to ensure homelessness is prevented, brief, rare and unrepeated.
  • Work with and support landlords in the private rented sector in the face of falling supply.
  • Be responsive to the scale and pace of change in the space of private rental regulation and second homes / holiday let legislation while not losing sight of our goal to ensure Pembrokeshire remains a great place to live and visit.
Improving the quality and sustainability of our housing.
  • Provide a high quality landlord service which listens and responds to the needs of our tenants.
  • Identify opportunities for the regeneration of our existing estates while also growing our housing stock and improving the environment.
Supporting people to live independently.
  • Continue to improve our sheltered housing stock (including building new stock such as Haverfordia house).
  • Improve accessibility of housing through delivery of disabled adaptions for all housing tenures.
Reduce the carbon footprint of Pembrokeshire’s housing stock by 2033.
  • Work towards decarbonising our own housing stock as well as support private householders to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.
ID: 10908, revised 06/10/2023