Corporate Strategy 2023-2028


A4- We will deliver our economic ambition through supporting growth, jobs and prosperity and enable the transition to a more sustainable and greener economy.

Contribution to national well-being goals

We consider that our economy well-being objective will make a particular contribution to the following national well-being goals:

  • A prosperous Wales.
  • A resilient Wales.
  • A more equal Wales.
  • A Wales of cohesive communities.
  • A globally responsible Wales.


  • A strong, sustainable and green economy underpins the well-being of current and future generations. 
  • We have an opportunity to accelerate the local economy’s transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, taking advantage of our unique location and assets.
  • We have committed to relentlessly pursue our ambition to regenerate our County (e.g. town centres) and become the green energy capital of the UK.

What we are going to do

Ensure Pembrokeshire is positioned to become the green energy capital of the UK, securing the next generation of green industrial jobs for the Haven waterway.
  • Progress our successful Freeport application, working with our partners to deliver a wider strategy to further improve the competitive advantage of the Haven waterway as a key UK energy centre.
  • Supporting our existing industry while also creating the right conditions for investment in the renewable energy generation of the future.
  • Ensuring Pembrokeshire leads the UK in the delivery of floating off-shore wind in the Celtic Sea and in the production of green and blue hydrogen.
Continue to re-invent and invest in Pembrokeshire's town centres making them lively, vibrant and thriving places which people enjoy.
Maximise inward investment opportunities and develop our strategic employment sites across the County to support key sectors (energy, food and agriculture, tourism and hospitality), in particular though furthering the development of Pembrokeshire Food Park to support the growing needs of the food industry.
Support people to improve their resilience and life chances through gaining the critical vocational skills and qualifications which enable them to progress into work and further learning.
  • Through education and schools, we will develop excellent partnerships with businesses to develop the skills and economy of the future.
Work to ensure that our tourism offer is sustainable and benefits local communities and businesses.
  • Continue to support major events that generate economic and community benefits, and raise the profile of the County.
ID: 10909, revised 06/10/2023