Corporate Strategy 2023-2028

Corporate Strategy 2023-2028

Our Corporate Strategy sets out how we intend to deliver our key priorities over the short and medium term. It is a rolling five-year Strategy, agreed by Council, and is reviewed and refreshed annually to take into account emerging issues and to respond to challenges as they arise. 

The Strategy takes its lead from Cabinet’s Programme for Administration (approved in January 2023) which sets out the political aims and aspirations for the administrative term.

The Corporate Strategy is a key element in our ‘golden thread’. It provides the overarching framework for the development of detailed medium-term service plans, unit plans (where appropriate) and ultimately individual performance and well-being plans. In doing so, the Council establishes a clear link between organisational strategic priorities and delivery, and supports and enhances an understanding of how everyone who works for the Council makes a vital contribution to the work of the organisation as a whole.

Under the Well-being of Future Generations Act, the Council is required to produce well-being objectives to demonstrate the contribution the Council will make towards the national well-being goals for Wales established by Welsh Government in the Act. Our Corporate Strategy is the vehicle through which the Council sets and expresses our well-being objectives. These are important in the sense that they provide a framework for all the work that we do.

If you would like more information on our Corporate Strategy and our approach to corporate planning and performance in general, please contact: Dan Shaw, Corporate Planning Manager,


ID: 534, revised 25/04/2024