Funeral Services

Funeral services take place Monday to Friday, from 9.15am to 4.00pm, each booking slot is 45 minutes and includes a permitted service time of 30 minutes only, and the remaining time is to enter and leave our Chapel and to prepare it for the following service. Saturday services are available upon request, from 10.45am to 1.00pm.

Procedure at services is simple and respectful, whether the funeral is religious or secular. A waiting room is situated opposite the entrance to the Crematorium Chapel. The funeral cortege assembles at the Crematorium Chapel entrance, where they are greeted by the Chapel attendant and the minister or officiant. The coffin is transferred from the hearse to a bier.

When everyone is ready the attendant and pallbearers wheel the bier into the Chapel followed by the mourners. The coffin is positioned in a gated recess where it remains for the first part of the service. The mourners then take their seats. At this point custody of the coffin and its contents are given over to the Crematorium. At an appropriate part of the service, curtains are normally drawn across the recess screening the coffin from view.

At the end of the service the mourners leave by a door in the side of the Chapel. This leads them to the viewing area for wreaths and floral tributes alongside the water garden with its fountain and birdbath. Wreaths are kept here for one week to allow mourners to view them after the day of the service.

Service Guide

This provides a reference for Crematorium staff, Funeral Directors, Ministers and members of the public who use the service. The Guide is reviewed from time to time and comments and suggestions for changes or additions are welcome.

Guide to Self-Arranged Funerals Parc Gwyn Crematorium

ID: 157, revised 11/09/2023