Crematorium Memorials

Memorial Wallets

To keep at home or to pass on to other members of your family or friends

This is a very personal and flexible memorial in the form of a wallet. It is made with three panels, each of which can be used for hand drawn inscriptions or photographic images. There are three panels the Wallet will stand upright on a mantelpiece or shelf for ease of viewing.

Hand made inscriptions commence with a gold letter and can be prose, poetry or an epitaph in the style of the Main Book of Remembrance. These are charged in the same way as inscriptions in the Memorial Cards.

In addition we can incorporate digitally reproduced photographic portraits of the deceased or any other subject you provide. You can provide this in digital form or as a hard copy or photograph that we will convert for you. You should note that the original photo must be in focus and no less than less than 6-cm square for a satisfactory result.

Photograph panels can also be used for reproduction of an account of the deceased’s life. If you provide text, each panel measures 13 cm wide by 15 cm high (approx. 5" X 6"). It is useful to use that size to restrict the text and ensure it will be legible.

A third possibility is to use a panel for a memento pocket in which further photos or other personal memories of the deceased can be stored.

It is possible to use the Wallet as a memorial to more than one person if you wish. All sorts of variations are possible.

There are three choices of colour for the cover and binding: Red, green or blue.

There are two choices of material for the cover: High quality book cloth or smooth leather.

Memorial Wallet Order Form

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