Crematorium Memorials

Granite Wall and Kerb Plaques

Granite wall plaques

Fixed to the exterior wall of the Crematorium building

Black Granite Wall Plaques measure 6" x 4". They are lettered in gold leaf and will accept a maximum of about 100 letters of inscription. As part of the purchase price they are mounted in black metal frames on the wall between the Main Chapel exit and the Chapel of Remembrance for a period of ten years.

When deciding on an inscription, it is important to limit lines with the name in to 15 letters as these are cut as capitals. Other lines should be limited to 20 letters. Some examples are provided below to demonstrate some of the possible variations.

Granite kerb plaques

Grey granite kerb plaques can be placed along the path edges in the Gardens of Remembrance. Each kerb is of solid polished grey granite and can accept the name of one person with a short inscription or the names of two people along with the dates of death. It is possible to leave half a kerb blank for a later second inscription. It is also possible to reserve a kerb.

Please note: -

  • At the end of the ten-year period we will contact you and invite you to renew the arrangement. For this reason it is important to notify us of any change of address. Alternatively you may prefer to take the plaque away.
  • If you feel that more than one plaque is needed, it is possible to request that two are placed next to each other to provide continuity.
  • The cost of the plaques is shown on the attached price list.
  • The ten-year period commences 3 months after receipt of your order. You will receive a statement showing the date for renewal with your receipt.
  • Plaques that are not renewed or removed will be stored for a period of one month before they are disposed of.

 Granite Wall Plaques and Kerbs Order Form 
 Example Granite Wall Plaques 
 Example Granite Kerbs 
 Granite Kerbs and Wall Plaques: Important Information

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