Crematorium Memorials

Electronic Book of Remembrance

For viewing 365 days per year

In order to extend the availability of the Book an electronic version has been made available in the Chapel of Remembrance that allows you to view a digital image of the actual inscription 365 days per year. The ‘E-Book’ is easy to use. All that is required to view an inscription is to swipe a plastic card through the slot on the cabinet. Your inscription immediately comes into view.

The ‘E-Book’ has additional facilities. It is possible to enhance the original inscription with extra text, verse or photographic images. For example, a portrait of the deceased may follow the inscription, then a favourite poem or perhaps an account of the life of the deceased. There could then be a further photograph, perhaps of the deceased in a favourite location or with other family members. The additional images can be accessed by using the swipe card again. Each swipe moves the display onto the next image.

For all new inscriptions, your own personal swipe card will be forwarded to you after your inscription has been entered in the Book of Remembrance. An order form is attached, that allows you to give us your instructions.

The ‘E-Book’ is also accessible online. Follow the simple instructions and you can search the E-Book using the name of the deceased or the date of the entry or the number on the swipe card. Any extra images you have ordered may be viewed only by entering the number on your swipe card.

Additionally we can provide you with a laminated photographic hard copy of the inscription page from the E- Book. It is also possible to order extra swipe cards for others that you would like to be able to share that facility. 

Electronic Book of Remembrance Order Form

ID: 2567, revised 22/02/2023