Crematorium Memorials

Book of Remembrance

The book of remembrance
The Book of Remembrance is intended as a permanent memorial to the deceased. For every day of the year there is a separate page, at the head of which the day and the month are inscribed. 

The Book of Remembrance is also accessible online. Follow the simple instructions and you can search the E-Book using the name of the deceased or the date of the entry or the number on the swipe card. Any extra images you have ordered may be viewed only by entering the number on your swipe card.

Memorial cards
These are available as copies of an entry in the main Book of Remembrance or as separate memorials in their own right. 

The date of display
Your inscription will be on display in the Chapel of Remembrance on the date that you request in your application. The date you request can be the date of death, date of birth or wedding or other anniversary.

Viewing the book
Access to the Chapel of Remembrance is provided 365 days of the year from 10.00am until 5.00pm (4.00pm in winter). If you visit on a day other than the anniversary that you have chosen, you will need to ask for a member of staff to assist you. Someone is always available to help you on weekdays between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm. Viewing can be arranged at the weekend by appointment.

* Please note there are times when you will not be able to view your inscription *

This is because all new inscriptions are added off the premises. If another inscription is being added to the same page as your own, it will not be possible to view your inscription.

You will always be able to view your inscription a month before or after the anniversary date you have requested.

New inscriptions are not added during the period around the current date.

During the rest of the year you are advised to contact the Crematorium Office before visiting to avoid disappointment. There are also other ways of viewing your inscription that are described overleaf.

Composing your inscription

  • Only the name of the deceased may be put in the first line. Please restrict this line to no more than 24 letters. If necessary, extra forenames should be abbreviated.
  • The space available in lines 2-8 is also limited. Please restrict each line of text to no more than 32 letters per line.
  • Illustrations of any suitable subject can be ordered to accompany inscriptions of 5 or 8 lines. Where the illustration is of a personal or unusual nature, a good example may be needed for the calligrapher to work from.
  • The numerical date and month (for example 31st March) appears at the head of every page in the Book of Remembrance. The year of death will only appear if you include it in the inscription. If you request the inscription to appear on a birthday or anniversary, you may want to include the full date of death in the inscription.
  • Memorial Cards also have the numerical date and month inscribed above the main inscription. Similarly, if you want the year of death to be shown on a card, it must be included in the inscription.
ID: 2068, revised 29/09/2021