Council Tax Discounts

People with Disabilities

Under certain circumstances a reduction in Council Tax can be allowed for a property which is the home of a disabled person. There is no age limit and the disabled person does not need to be the taxpayer, but must suffer from a 'permanent and substantial' disability.

To qualify both of the following criteria must apply:

First criteria

A person with a permanent and substantial disability must live at the address for which a reduction is claimed. The person with the disability does not have to be the Council Tax payer.

Second criteria

One of the following conditions must also apply:

  • There is a room, other than a bathroom or kitchen which is used mainly to meet the needs of the disabled person.
  • Or, there is a second bathroom or kitchen which is required to meet the needs of the disabled person.
  • Or, the disabled person needs to use a wheelchair in the property, and there is enough floor space to allow this.

If these circumstances apply to you, or someone who lives with you then you should apply for a disabled person's reduction. Please note that the person claiming the reduction must be the council tax payer

Apply for a Disabled Person's Reduction

When the reduction applies, the Council Tax for the property is charged at the rate for the band below the actual band of the property. So for instance if a property is in Band D the bill will be the same as that for a Band C property. If the property is already in the lowest band, A, then a reduction of 1/9th of the Band D charge applies.

You can still qualify for other reductions such as single person discount and Council Tax reduction in addition to a disabled person's reduction.

We will normally need to visit you to confirm that you meet the criteria.


ID: 38, revised 22/02/2023