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Coronavirus COVID 19 Community Information

Community Hub

A one-stop shop – the Community Hub – has been established for those of you who are:


If you wish to inform residents in your area about the Community Hub, here is an Poster / Flyer as PDF for you to print and deliver in your neighbourhood:

(available to print A5 or A4 in Full Colour and Black & White)

Community Hub Poster and Flyer (Bilingual & Full Colour)

Community Hub Poster and Flyer (Bilingual & Greyscale) Home Printer Friendly!


If you wish to use the Hub Poster / Flyer for web or social media - below are two JPEG versions in Full Colour or Black & White. Click to expand:

Hub Flyer Colour English

Hub Flyer Black & White English 









 Looking for an Easy Read Guide to the Community Hub? 

Easy Read Hub Information

Please find below the latest update on the work of the Community Hub:

Latest Community Hub Briefing


The Community Hub partners produced a powerful visual representation of the amazing acts of kindness and community action in Pembrokeshire during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please click on the links below to download and view the image:

Pembrokeshire Kindness through COVID






Connect to Kindness


Download Centre

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