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Coronavirus Advice and Guidance

Childcare, Schools and Free School Meals

Childcare and Schools

It is vitally important that parents follow Government advice and keep their children at home where possible to help contain the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19). Only send your child to your childcare setting if you have to because your work is critical to the coronavirus response. If you can keep your child safe at home, do so.

Welsh Government Guidance

We have put measures in place to open a limited number of our schools and childcare settings to provide care for children of critical workers and to the most vulnerable children.

By vulnerable children we mean those who are supported by social care, have safeguarding and welfare needs (such as those with a child in need plan or a child protection plan) looked after children, young carers, disabled children or those who have a statement of educational needs.

For more information and to book visit: childcare provision for children of critical workers and vulnerable children 

Dysgu Arlein

Pembrokeshire primary school teachers have got together to create a fantastic bilingual online learning resource for county children and families to use at home

Qualifications Wales

Summer exams are cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For the most up-to-date information: Qualifications Wales Covid-19 Information

Cashless Catering in Secondary Schools

Our Catering Service have considered the safest and most appropriate way of providing meals to pupils using Cashless Catering. For those secondary schools offering a school meal provision when the schools reopen the following measures will apply:

  • The Biometric (fingerprint) payment option will be withdrawn until further notice 
  • Pupils who currently use the Biometric option and therefore do not have Cashless cards will be provided with a new card at the school.
  • Any pupils who have lost/damaged their Cashless cards can request a new one from the school canteen
  • Any staff wishing to purchase food will also need to request a Cashless card
  • No cash will be accepted in schools.
  • Coin-loader machines in schools will only be used to check balances by scanning the Cashless cards.
  • Meal accounts can be topped up online through My Account or by phoning the Council Contact Centre on 01437 764551

To request a meal account number, or for any further information, please email

Free School Meals

Those eligible for Free School Meals will receive a letter or email with vouchers redeemable at any Tesco store. 

The voucher represents 13 days of Free School Meals from 15/04/20 - 01/05/20.

From the Monday 4th May, free school meal entitlement will be paid by bank transfer for the two weeks up to Friday 15th May. 

Please contact the Pembrokeshire County Council Catering Team via or on

01437 775912, 01437 775922 or 01437 775250.

Privacy Notice - Free School Meals  

Application for free school meals

Community Hub

 If you have difficulties going shopping, because of self-isolation for example, and cannot get help from friends, family or neighbours, please contact the Community Co-ordination Hub

The Hub can also be contacted by email: or tel: 01437 776301.


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