Pembrokeshire has been awarded the highest level of support known as Convergence, from the European Union for the Structural Funds programming round 2007-2013. Convergence is the successor to the Objective 1 programme 2000-2006. It has been created to help counties including Pembrokeshire to boost their economy with regards to jobs and growth.

The Convergence programme is made up of two separate European Structural Funds, the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

ESF funds are used to tackle economic inactivity and increase skills and employment. ERDF funds can help boost the region's economy through investment in knowledge and support for new and existing businesses. It also focuses on regenerating the most deprived communities, tackling climate change and improving transport.

Both ERDF and ESF are divided into a number of priorities.


  • Priority 1 Building the knowledge based economy
  • Priority 2 Improving Business Competitiveness
  • Priority 3 Developing strategic infrastructure for a modern economy
  • Priority 4 Creating an attractive business environment
  • Priority 5 Building Sustainable Communities


  • Priority 1 Supplying young people with the skills needed for learning and future employment
  • Priority 2 Increasing employment and tackling economic inactivity
  • Priority 3 Improving skill levels and adaptability of the workforce
  • Priority 4 Improving public services - Making the Connections

To view the Convergence projects running in Pembrokeshire, please click here

What Has Convergence Funding Done For Pembrokeshire?

These projects are part funded by the European Union through the Welsh Government, further information can be found on the Welsh European Funding Office website at (opens new window)

The strategy and priorities for each Fund are set out in detail in the Operational Programmes (see below).

ESF Operational Programme

ERDF Operational Programme

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