Contaminated Land

How is Pembrokeshire County Council tackling land contamination?

The Council has produced a 'Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy' detailing how it will deal with land in the district that may be contaminated. The strategy has been produced under a statutory duty arising from Part 2A of the EPA 1990.  The revised version of the strategy was published in August 2016.

The Statutory Guidance says that the inspection should be "rational, ordered and efficient" and ensure that the more pressing and serious problems are located first. Each local authority was required to produce a Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy by October 2003 detailing how they will inspect their area. Pembrokeshire County Council's original strategy was adopted in June 2003. It was scrutinised and accepted by the Environment Agency on behalf of the Department of Environment, Transport & the Regions (DETR). A revised version of the strategy was published in October 2010.

The Strategy explains the steps that will be taken by the Council to identify any contaminated land. These will include identifying potential sources of contamination; locating sensitive receptors, either human or environmental, and assessing whether there is, or is likely to be, a significant risk of harm. Pembrokeshire County Council is using a staged approach to the identification and assessment of contaminated land.

The Strategy will be reviewed periodically to determine how the work is progressing in line with the proposed timescales. This will take into account any new guidance that has been produced to ensure that the strategy is in line with current best practice.

ID: 2473, revised 21/09/2017