Contaminated Land

Contaminated Land Register

Local Authorities are required to maintain a public register, open for public inspection, of the remediation of contaminated land in their area.  This requirement is made in Section 78R of the Environment Protection Act 1990.

This register is intended to act as a full and permanent record of all the regulatory action taken by the enforcing authority in relation to the remediation of the land.


Is there any Contaminated Land within Pembrokeshire?

Whilst Pembrokeshire does have areas of land affected by contamination, only one site within Pembrokeshire has been formally determined as Contaminated Land in accordance with the definition.


Register Entries

Determination Reference

Site Address

National Grid Reference

Date of Determination


PCC/CL/01 The land to the south of the valley at South Pembrokeshire Golf Course, Military Road, Pennar, SA72 6SE 195262, 202970 13/09/2019 Notification of Determination



Further details can be viewed free of charge by contacting the Pollution Control Team. Please address queries for the attention of the Contaminated Land Officer.


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