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Quiz answers

Consumer rights

1. Which piece of legislation protects consumers by requiring that goods be of satisfactory quality?

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 states that goods should be of satisfactory quality.

2. What level of quality is satisfactory?

The quality of goods is satisfactory if the goods meet the standard that a reasonable person would consider satisfactory, taking account of any description, the price of the goods (if relevant), and all of the relevant circumstances such as public statements made by the manufacturer.

3. If you receive goods that are not up to standard, for how long do you have a right to a full refund?

The time limit for the right to reject is 30 days beginning with the first day after specified things have happened, depending on the type of contract - for example, 30 days from the delivery or installation of the goods.

4. What is the standard required for services?

The standard for services is that they should be performed with reasonable care and skill, and within a reasonable time.

5. If you ask a business to rectify poor work, how many chances do you have to allow?

If you ask for repeat performance, but the trader is in breach of the requirement to do it within a reasonable time and without significant inconvenience, then you have the right to a refund. You don't need to give more than one opportunity, but you may consider mediation or alternative dispute resolution.

6. It is possible for a business to remove these rights using terms in the contract?

No, there is a requirement for terms in business contracts dealing with consumers to be fair. This takes into account the nature of the subject matter of the contract and the circumstances when the term was agreed.

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