Complaint Contact Officers

Corporate Units

For complaints about personnel, marketing, policy/corporate planning, elections, customer contact services, reception, tourist information centres, information technology/e-government, registrars, legal services and committe support. Your contact is:

Nicky Edwards

Tel: (01437) 775856


Cultural Services

For complaints about libraries, museums, archives, the arts. Your contact is:

James Thornley, Cultural Services ICT Manager

Tel: (01437) 776083



For complaints about adult education, community education, special needs education, youth services, admissions and statementing, sports development and catering. Your contact is:

Lyn Herde

Tel: 07920 702413  


N.B. Issues concerning schools must follow the Schools General Complaints Procedure.

Finance and Revenues

For complaints about benefits, council tax, council house rents, business rates, payroll and creditor payments. Your contact is:

Duncan Betteley, Business Manager

Tel: (01437) 775211



Housing Commissioning

For complaints about council house allocation, private sector housing and grants, tenancy management, sheltered housing, homelessness and housing options. Your contacts are:

Katie Mullins and Nia Davies, Customer Liaison Officers (Housing)

Tel: (01437) 776556


(For Council House repairs see Maintenance and Environmental Services)

Leisure Services

For complaints about tourism, leisure centres, student awards, harbours and beaches. Your contact is:

Gary Nicholas, Leisure Services Officer

Tel: (01437) 776005


Environmental Services

 For complaints about street cleaning, litter collection, drainage and the maintenance of:, highways, public toilets, parks, gardens and play areas, refuse (including trade waste), recycling and civic amentity sites, crematorium, your contact is:

Sandra Davies, Waste Operations Assistant

Tel: (01437) 775935



For complaints about council house repairs, maintenance of: buildings and street lighting your contacts are:

Phillip Horne, Area Maintenance Officer 

Tel: (01437) 776279

Email: or

Stuart Uzmez, Responsive Repairs Assistant Area Supervisor

Tel: (01437) 776650



For complaints about planning, Development Plan, conservation, building control. Your contact is:

Michelle Webber, Sustainability Appraisal Officer

Tel: (01437) 776503


Property and Asset Management

For complaints about property management and review, county farms, markets, Haverfordwest airport, Tenby and Fishguard Harbours. Your contact is:

Jo Collis, Property Review Systems Administrator

Tel: (01437) 776517


Public Protection

For complaints about environmental health, food safety/standards, licensing, pollution control, pest control, dog control, animal health and welfare, trading standards, community safety. Your contact is:

Jemma Lewis, Business Manager 

Tel: (01437) 776203



For complaints about economic development, regeneration projects, European issues, tourism development, community regeneration, Bridge Innovation Centre. Your contact is:

James Thornley, Cultural Services ICT Manager

Tel: (01437) 776083



Social Services

For complaints about services for the elderly, children and families, mental health services, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, fostering and adoption. Your contacts are:

Richard Williams, Social Services Complaints Officer, Tel (01437) 776208

Amanda Davies, Social Services Complaints Officer, Tel: (01437) 775503


Transportation and Environment

For complaints about highways, sewers, transportation, parks, car parks, cemeteries/crematorium, road safety, coastal protection, architecture, engineering, emergency planning and abandoned vehicles. Your contacts are:

Shaun Griffiths, Corporate Systems and Safety Manager 

Tel: (01437) 775077

E-mail: or

Jennifer Brown, Data and Systems Officer

Tel: (01437) 775419


Freedom of Information

For issues concerning the Freedom of Information Act. Your contact is:

Alison Evans, Information Governance and Complaints Manager

Tel: (01437) 775805


Welsh Language

For issues concerning the Welsh language. Your contact is:

Nicky Edwards

Tel: (01437) 775856


Ombudsman complaints

For complaints made to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales.

The PSOW is an independent organisation appointed by the Welsh Government to look into complaints of maladministration (bad practice) against public services.

The PSOW will usually expect your complaint to have been considered through the Council Complaints Policy first before starting any investigation

Alison Evans, Information Governance and Complaints Manager

Tel: (01437) 775805


Monitoring Officer

For complaints made to the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales regarding alleged breach by a Councillor of the Code of Conduct, a copy of the complaint should also be forwarded to the Monitoring Officer. 

Complaints which contain an allegation of a contravention by the authority of any enactment or rule of law will also be referred to the Monitoring Officer by the relevant complaints contact officer.

Claire Jones

Tel: (01437 776564)


ID: 526, revised 27/01/2020