Wildlife and Nature Conservation and Enhancement

Pembrokeshire has a wealth of wildlife, which contributes to local distinctiveness, a sense of place and provides quality of life for many local residents. It underpins our tourism economy, supports agricultural production (through pollination, nutrient cycling and pest control) and provides natural flood control.

Many of our natural features are under threat due to pressures from human activity – and this is where you can help!  Any projects undertaken may have the potential to affect our wildlife, but with right information and planning you can ensure that this effect is positive! This can be through practical management of land, water or buildings, or through community activities to raise awareness of the issues. Either way, understanding which features are locally important is a vital first step in designing a project which will benefit wildlife.

The Pembrokeshire Nature Partnership coordinates and promotes new and existing actions to conserve and enhance biodiversity in Pembrokeshire and promote the resilience of ecosystems.

The Partnership’s Biodiversity Implementation Officer is a first point of contact to get advice on locally important features and how to manage them positively and to get further information.

Email biodiversity@pembrokeshire.gov.uk or visit the biodiversity website


ID: 4141, revised 18/04/2023